Columbus, GA Trip with Kids!

Happy Monday! I spent my weekend working so no exciting weekend updates at all about the weekend. It was slow with patients but I had productive days finishing up some small tasks. I also finished up my final schedule for work! I have my last day as March 16th and I am really hoping to make it to then at work. I know Jon wants me to go out to Charleston earlier but we need to save money and I also don’t want to just spend my last 4 months of pregnancy sitting at home. I’d rather get paid and accrue PTO to cash out at the end. I’m really excited that the end is in sight and only 4 1/2 months away though! I can’t wait to actually live with my husband again and just get settled back into life in Charleston.

My boys came to have lunch with me at work!

Last week, Gina and I took the babies to see Kassie and Eleanor in Columbus. Kass has been out there for a year and we’ve gone once but have been talking about going back for so long. I woke up at 5:30 and threw myself together and loaded up Jackson before picking up Gina and Franklin. Thankfully, all of us girls bought the same carseats, so Jon put my infant base in my car for Franklin to make the trip way easier than having to swap my big seat out.

It was such a fun day! The weather was great and we were there by 9:30 in the morning, so we had plenty of time to get out of the house. Eleanor was at school when we got there, so the rest of us went out to brunch. The French cafe we wanted to go to was closed but Kassie mentioned Iron Bank Coffee just down the street. It was so good! I had such a delicious egg and cheese croissant and the coffee was so yummy. I have really bad coffee aversions in pregnancy, but lattes are typically the exception. I tend to really want lattes when I’m out and this one killed it. After breakfast, we had about an hour before Kass had to get Eleanor, so we walked down to the water and Jackson played on the playground.


Columbus is such a cute town. We didn’t explore much last time we were there and I was so glad to walk around downtown. The sidewalks were also huge and so wide which is a mom dream.  Walking around Charleston with Lisa is impossible with our strollers and we’re constantly having to go around trees and get in a line to let people by. These sidewalks were massive. Loved it.




We ended up hanging out at Kassie’s for a bit in the afternoon once Eleanor got home. The kids ate snacks and played while we chatted a little bit. Conversation with three kids around is just not the same, but it was still nice to just hang out with my friends!



We headed out to Oxbow Meadows after our relaxing time so the kids could play. It’s a little learning center that’s part of Columbus State. Eleanor and Franklin both fell asleep, so Jackson looked at reptiles and then we went on a walk on one of the trails.


We decided to grab some tacos from a taco truck for dinner. Jackson was too busy playing with rocks to eat, so we stayed at Kassie’s for awhile to feed him dinner and get him ready for bed. We headed out around 7:30 and both kids fell asleep in the car!



So, our Columbus trip was a lot of fun and I really want to go back! I’m hoping we can make it for another day while Gina is on maternity leave, but we don’t have much time left! I’ll be gone so much in November that I have no idea when it’ll happen!

Anyway, that’s a long enough recap! I’m going to go relax. I was going to pick up at work (well, back in the ER) for 4 hours today since they’re offering big money but I haven’t heard from my mom to see if she’d pick up Jackson. I don’t really want to work or else I’d call her, but I feel like I need hours so we can buy my minivan!



Slow Mornings.

I was totally planning on picking up at work if they offered incentive pay and they did, yesterday and today, but I think I just can’t do it. It’s dreary out and I just feel like a lazy day is calling my name. And really, I want to do yoga today so bad and the class is at 9:45, so it makes it hard to go pick up 4hrs at work.

I went to CrossFit yesterday and woke up at 3:30am so sore. I normally really ease back into workouts after having some time off, but yesterday I just sort of jumped right in. We were doing deadlifts and I love deadlifts and have a hard time doing them at the regular gym (I do them- but I need the rubber plates and rubber mats to really get into it), so I went all in. By all in, I mean like, all in for not working out for two months, but still. I also felt my uterus or something down there, so I was so paranoid when I woke up at 3:30. When I miscarried, the whole week before I kept feeling my uterus and it was such an odd feeling. That’s how I felt last night. I’m sure it’s because my uterus is growing and the ligaments are stretching and I had my first big workout and then cleaned all day, but it was unsettling. So I was up for awhile in the middle of the night worrying. For being two hours short on sleep, I actually feel pretty good. Just craving some me time.

I’m totally craving travel again. And me time. I think this is exactly how I was with Jackson. It’s like the impending doom of newborn days is upon us. I am feeling like I need to soak in our current lives and take advantage of our two year old, who is fully capable of traveling with us. We’re looking at a trip to Quebec City/Montreal, but can’t go until January. So, it’d be cold. But I don’t know if I care. I LOVED our cold Lake Tahoe babymoon and it looks so picturesque. We’re also thinking about Seattle since our friends, Adam and Jessie, are about to return from South Korea (they’re who we went to Japan and South Korea with in May) and we want to visit them before a second baby happens.

I also told Jon that when I’m on maternity leave next time, I want to roadtrip in the northwest and possibly go out to Yoho and Banff in Canada. It may be quite the undertaking with two littles, but I have had a few people offer to come with me to help out, so I think it’d be possible. We’ll just have to assess finances since our house payment is quite a bit higher than it has been in the past.

I’m planning on running to Target after I go to yoga and then I want to start on Jon’s album for Christmas. I had originally made him a photo album for Father’s Day, then I didn’t get his second one done until Christmas, and I think we’re back on the Christmas train this year. I put all of the photos of the year of Jackson in it and I have TONS of photos, so it’s so time consuming. I know it means a lot to Jon though so I have to get it done. I easily spend 50 hours on each album though. It’s a big task… I also need to get passport photos taken for my South Carolina nursing license and try to get all of that mailed in, if I can find the application I filled out. It might be at work. But I want to get this stuff done and out of the way as soon as possible.

Anyway, I need to head out to yoga. Hopefully I don’t die and hopefully I don’t hate it.

Ooltewah, TN Trip!

These last two weeks have been SO NICE. After being in my master’s program and then spending all summer back and forth between Atlanta and Charleston, I have really enjoyed having some more free time. Last week I only had one day during the week off, but this week I have THREE DAYS off. I actually have a management meeting on Wednesday and am thinking about picking up in the ER tomorrow for some extra cash (that minivan is right around the corner, ladies!), but I may just skip both of those things and relax some more.

I also had en entire weekend off with Jon! We had booked an awesome AirBnB for Saturday night in Ooltewah, TN. It was a campsite with a lean to essentially that was located on a family farm. Unfortunately, Jon had a horrible gout attack and he ankle was huge, so he was miserable when he got here on Frida night and then barely slept. We went out to get Maple Street Biscuit Co on Saturday morning for breakfast and then decided we’d head out to Ooltewah for the day. Jon passed out as soon as we walked in the house to get ready to go since he had barely slept and then took painkillers in the morning, so we made a last minute decision to ditch our camping stuff and take my mom’s car out (mine is too small for Jon to sit in comfortably and his is a huge diesel truck so I can’t maneuver that thing). That way I could drive while Jon slept the whole way.

Guys, this AirBnB was awesome. I know it was really a campsite, but it was so awesome. We were confused about where to go when we drove in, so we chased chickens until we heard from the owners, Mike and Tara.


We followed Tara out to our little campsite and then she sent her son out to start our fire for us. He rode out on a little tractor thing (I’m not country, it was like a farm-style golf cart, haha) with all of his friends and they all threw the wood on and started it. He looked like he was about 8 and I just feel like that is the life for a little boy!


The area around the shelter was mulched in and it was fairly large, so Jackson had a blast just running around and entertaining himself. It was so nice to just sit there with Jon and let Jackson do his own thing. He was really into the sticks and scraping the cut down trees with his sticks. We didn’t hear a peep from him.


Jackson had a major poop, so after cleaning him up as best as we could, I needed to go wash my hands in a real sink. We decided to grab some dinner at a local cafe that wasn’t really worth writing about. I also got extremely nauseous once we were on our way and was miserable while we were there. Gotta love pregnancy hormones.

When we came back, Mike and Tara were letting all the animals out and they had their friends over. Lots of little kids were running around with Jackson. He got to play with baby goats and watch the horses! This kid was having a blast!



We decided to go sit by the fire for a little while before packing up our camp chairs and heading back to Atlanta. We were both kicking ourselves for not just bringing our camping stuff since Jon’s ankle was feeling better and we were having such a good time. I snuck a picture of Jackson with the pumpkins…


And then we hung out by the fire and relaxed while Jackson entertained himself again. Had to make a stop to see the cow though!


Our Sunday was pretty low key. Jackson has a cold and barely slept at all on Saturday (woke up at 5:45am with no nap!!! then 6:30 on Sunday! He normally sleeps until 8am!), so he had a total meltdown Sunday morning. We ran to Kohl’s to grab him a few more pants and long sleeved shirts and then played at the playground for a bit.

He tried to nap while Jon headed out to Charleston, but there was no luck! I ended up just taking him over to my brother and his girlfriend’s house so they could watch him. It’s been nice because now that Jackson is at a fun age, my brother and his girlfriend have been wanting to take him on Sunday afternoons after Jon leaves. It’s a ways out to his house, but I drop him off and then get to do my own thing before going to get him.

Yesterday I met up with Gina and Franklin and just walked around outside and got sandwiches and smoothies. It was such a beautiful day and so nice! I left around 6pm to go get Jackson and then we rushed to get in bed since we had to do baths before bed time.

This morning, I went to CrossFit for the first time in weeks. I have been wanting to get back to the gym but am somewhat unmotivated because I feel nauseous so much. But it was so good to get moving again and be active. I’m trying to get back in the swing of working out. I ran to Whole Foods after and then came home and cleaned ALL morning. My room and bathroom were such a mess and I even cleaned out the litterbox outside.

I’m about to run to get Jackson now and then I’m going to make some lentil and veggie soup! I’m hoping it’s good. I’ve been wanting savory foods lately but have been eating so bad lately. I know I need to do better about eating well, especially while pregnant, so I’m going to work on not eating so much crap (pizza and biscuits).

OB Appointment, Gym, Coffee & Biscuits

I had my OB appointment yesterday! My OB left the practice recently go to be staff at a medical college (Stanford, I think), which was a huge bummer but also sort of a relief since Jon wants me to deliver in Charleston. Because my favorite doctor is gone, I scheduled this appointment with the doctor that delivered Jackson and actually, the doctor who I had my confirming appointment with for Jackson too.

This doctor is a male, which is totally fine. He also did a fantastic job with my c-section and my OB said he always does really great c-sections. But he did my entire appointment yesterday, including the ultrasound. When the female techs did my ultrasounds last time, they always pointed to things and listened to the heartbeat. This doctor just did the ultrasound and measurements, never pointed anything out, and then played the heartbeat for about 3 seconds so he could measure how fast it was. That was it! Jon thinks he has terrible bedside manner but to me, he’s just so typical male. I actually think he’s pretty good, but I think Jon was unimpressed with him during my delivery and I was so out of it that I don’t even remember him hardly at all.

I’m 7 weeks 5 days today. The baby’s heart rate was 153. Everything looked good. The baby was such a blob. Jackson’s first ultrasound was so much cuter, but I was farther along with Jackson so he had some more definition than this baby.

New baby on the left. Jackson on the right.

I am still a bit worried about miscarrying, but I’ll just keep hoping for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I went and had biscuits and coffee by myself after my appointment yesterday since I had some free time. It was so nice to just get out alone and relax. I’ve been so busy lately and have really been craving some down time. I even fixed my hair which never happens!


I finally made it back to the gym today! I remember feeling really tired during my first trimester with Jackson and having a hard time working out and today was no different. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve been pretty inactive for about 6 weeks. I took it pretty easy. I got so short of breath and nauseous (because I’m always nauseous) so I took a ton of breaks. I kept it easy too since I hate getting super sore if I just jump back into crazy workouts. I’m really wanting to push myself to make it to some yoga classes, so I think I’m going to write down the times and try to go at least once a week from now on. The older I get, the less flexible I am, and I know it’d help long-term to work on staying bendy.

After the gym, I met up with Gina and Franklin. Franklin is Gina’s baby. He’s about 6 weeks old now. We ate biscuits today too (Maple Street is the best!) and then took a short little walk once Franklin decided he was over our biscuit outing! As always, it’s nice to have some time during the day to relax. I was torn between a friend outing or a lazy day on the couch since I’ve been so exhausted lately, but time with Gina won.


Anyway, back to work tomorrow and Friday. Jon is here this weekend and I’m off all weekend. My weather app is showing great weather for the weekend so we talked about camping, but I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. I really want to go do something since I feel like we’ve been so busy with stuff lately that we haven’t really enjoyed family time. I actually found this campsite on AirBnB that’s on a farm and looks pretty awesome. They let you milk cows and I think Jackson would love that! So, maybe we’ll try that?!

Anyway, off to relax for a bit before I go pick up my boy. But in case you haven’t seen my cutie pie lately, I’ll leave you with a picture. Oh, and as a cute quick story about this kid… Last night, he ate a ton of broccoli for dinner. Today, I made him an omelet with broccoli and cheese. He spit it out and said, “I do not like broccoli!” (he’s very articulate) and I reminded him he ate it last night and liked it. He goes, “I ate broccoli last night and I liked it, but I do not like broccoli in my eggs.” Guys, two year olds are THE BEST THINGS EVER! Some weeks he really tries me and I think the other week when I was in Charleston, I spanked him like, 50 times in a day and I don’t even like to spank (pregnancy hormones, nausea, a kid who won’t nap, and lack of sleep for mom seriously had me annoyed with my little one)… But he is so fun. He is in a story telling phase and he makes things up all the time. “Grandma, ‘member when you spanked me a little bit last night?” (Grandma would never spank him, haha.) Best age ever.


Life Updates

Woah, it’s been a LONG time again! Lots of updates…

We closed on our house in Charleston! There was a lot of back and forth towards the end with the hurricane hitting North Carolina and mandatory evacuations in Charleston, so our closing was pushed back a few times. In the end, it all worked out just fine and we closed a week late without any damage to the house! I went out to Charleston the week before last to clean up our rental townhouse and get unpacked in our new house. It was a busy trip and our house in Charleston doesn’t feel like ours yet, but I love it. I think I’m just used to living in a much smaller space. Our last townhouse was my biggest house on my own, at 1500sqft. So, our 2800sqft house just feels so big to be our home. It doesn’t seem real that we own it yet. I’m thinking once we get new furniture and hang stuff on the wall, it’ll start to feel more like home. Super glad to be in though and we live on an awesome street with amazing neighbors (one stopped walking his dog to help Jon move a HUGE armoire into our playroom!). I already met new moms with kids Jackson’s age and I’m just really excited to settle down there for awhile.

The downside of that trip was that I felt pretty awful. I’m pregnant(!!!!) so I was feeling horrible the entire time. A lot of nausea. A lot of food aversions. Extreme fatigue. No TV in either house and a toddler who refused to nap and had complete meltdowns every afternoon…

I have my first OB appointment today and I’m pretty nervous. Finding out I was pregnant this time was a lot less exciting and a lot more nerve-racking than when we found out last time. I took a pregnancy test because I notice my boob hurt when I was holding a cup against it, so I randomly took a test at 10pm one night and it was faintly positive. I’ve definitely been symptomatic lately, so I feel like the hormones must be surging, but man… I just can’t help but feel like it could all just end at any moment. So, I’m pretty emotional/nervous for my appointment today, but hopeful that this baby must be thriving if I’ve been this miserable!

I haven’t worked out in so long. I hurt my butt somehow driving back and forth in early September when my nephew was in the hospital in Florida, so I was letting it heal. I finally feel like I could work out again in regards to my butt, but then I ate so little for a week or so because of being sick. Now I’ve been eating more again, but just feel so horrible. I’m hoping next week to get back to it though, since this week is a crazy busy week with work and appointments.

Marriage is good but the same! I feel like Jon and I had a super rough start to the year and then I listened to Love and Respect and changed my perspective on our marriage and we’ve been just smooth and steady. Obviously we still argue and annoy each other (because that’s marriage), but it’s just not a big deal anymore. I’ve been so grateful for all that he does for us and the house he provided us and just what a good job he does with his role in our family… I’m going to be so excited to live together again one of these days! It’ll just be nice to be a regular family and not to be 5 hours apart!

Anyway, I better go pack a bag for Jackson! He’s coming to my OB appointment (not going to be fun) since his pediatrician appointment is this afternoon and I have a feeling if they have to do an ultrasound to see how far along I am, I won’t be able to get to his daycare before his appointment. So, gotta get toys together!

Life Updates

I swear, one day I will return to regularly scheduled blog posts. But probably not any time soon.

We close on our house on September 13th, so we are coming down to it! My free time (hah, that’s funny) has consisted of loan paperwork, insurance paperwork, power of attorneys, offers, counteroffers, emails, signing documents, submitting documents… But, I think we’re officially in the clear on our loan! Our loan was submitted to underwriting and we were just waiting on Jon’s Certificate of Eligibility since we went with a VA loan. We actually were not planning on it since we have a funding fee for VA loans, but we ended up going with a 15 year loan, so the rates were much lower for that. We actually drove by the house last night and I was peering in the door and it was open! The builders are having to fix some things we requested, so they must have been doing work. It was so fun to be back in it since we really never got a super long look at the house. I had forgotten a lot of the details and it is still just so crazy that we will own such a beautiful house. We spent quite a while looking at it and talking about what we’ll do with the rooms. I’m hoping we can go by again, since I won’t see the house again until after Jon moves us in. I’d like to have a clear idea of where everything needs to go.

I’ve also been working a ton! Since we have our entire downpayment about to leave our savings, I’ve been feeling the stress. We’re still fine, but my car has 170,000 miles on it and I can’t help but feel like we need to build up our savings as quickly as possible for any sort of emergencies. So, I’ve picked up extra shifts and am in the midst of doing evaluations on the staff, so that counts for hours too. But it’s been stressful… I essentially have 2 weeks to write the rest of my evals and review them with the staff since I’ll be in Charleston the rest of the time.

I just got in town yesterday to Charleston for our last trip to the townhouse. We have so much packing to do. The house is a mess since Jon didn’t clean it before I came and my motivation to clean is lacking because we literally have to pack everything up while I’m here… And I want to take time to enjoy my boy, since I’ve been working SO much lately.

Oh, and we went to Denver!!! I forgot all about that! I will save that for next time because it was AWESOME, but I’m going to clean up and start packing some stuff!

OB Appointment & House Buying!

Hey-o! Checking back in sooner than I usually do after a post!

I had my OB appointment today, which was scheduled as a “confirming” visit. The two women who work at the front desk have been there since I started going to my OB/GYN 14 years ago (wow! how am I so old?!) and I absolutely love them. They totally make the office. When one of them saw my reason for the visit, she kind of got excited but obviously didn’t say anything since other patients were checking in.

I was totally fine until I sat down to wait for the doctor. I knew this appointment might be difficult, but I hadn’t given it much thought since I left the ER last week since I’ve been so busy lately. It definitely hit me that I was supposed to be there to confirm my pregnancy and could have been hearing a heartbeat already. I almost cried a few times but held it back.

The OB said it was good to skip a month of trying to get pregnant so everything can get back to normal. I’m almost positive that I’m already ovulating, so I’m hoping things get back on track nicely. It worked out too since Jon is out of town this weekend so I won’t see him and I felt like I was wasting a month where we could be trying! So, the advice to wait made me feel better about “missing an opportunity.”

Although I really wish this would have just worked out this time around because now I have the worst baby fever, I also think it put into perspective how much I really am ready for another baby now. I was genuinely SO excited to find out we were pregnant and I’m not sure I was really expecting to be that excited. I’ll just keep hoping things work out for us next time around and that we are able to get pregnant again just as easily as this past time.

In other news, WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! I absolutely love it. There are definitely some things I would change, but after seeing so many houses, I realized there will never be one house that meets every want that we have. Our house has a “sunroom,” which is really an open room off the dining room with a lot of windows. It’s nice, but I want a true sunroom or preferably, a screened in porch. There are no trees at all, so no shade in the yard. Shade is hugely important in such a hot state when you’re playing outside! We can’t even go to playgrounds that aren’t shaded during the day because the equipment is so hot that you can’t even touch it. I’m thinking about getting a landscaper to come out once we put a fence up so we can get some trees in there. The driveway is also way shorter than I would have liked. Not a huge deal, but for company, it’s nice to have somewhere to park. We also live in sort of a weird spot in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is massive and our closest entrance is through an apartment complex. The other closest entrance is through much older houses. The main entrance with a light is 8 or 9 minutes away, and the roads outside the neighborhood are busy.

But, I love the inside of the house. It’s bright. It’s brand new. It has light counters (love!) and a darker carpet (so nice with cats and kids!). It’s a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house so we can grow into it if we stay in Charleston. Apparently a new elementary school is supposed to open inside the neighborhood in 2021 (according to a 20 year, 4 phase district plan- the school is in the final phase of the plan and it appears that all the other phases have been completed). I love that we have a true guest bedroom and full bathroom. I love that we have an office and a flex space downstairs, plus a whole sitting area upstairs. I’m super excited to move in but also shocked that we can buy that house. I’m so grateful for Jon’s hard work at his job and for his support at mine. I would have never thought that we’d be buying such a beautiful house at 32 and 34.

We’re doing the loan process now. But we’re using the construction company’s lender and I’m annoyed because the person who I have to have a consultation with is NOT responding to me about when to schedule an appointment. I was hoping not to have to worry about it on vacation since the actual call is about an hour. Very frustrating to deal with this.

What else…? My little wee one is still having major separation anxiety. I asked a mom group how common this is since all the other little kids I see are getting dropped off with no issues. Even the kids of the stay at home moms that I know are starting their playgroups like it’s nothing. And my kid, who has always been in daycare, is freaking out. The moms in the group said they experienced this too, so I HOPE it’s coming to an end sometime soon.

I’m still working out sometimes. It’s been hard to be consistent with so much back and forth and so much work (trying to pick up extra shifts so we can furnish our house and build up our savings account again). I did make it to CrossFit twice this week and hope to make it Sunday to the gym, when I’m off. I really need to stay active to stay sane. I just feel so much better when I’m working out regularly.

I still LOVE my job. I wish I could take my job with me to Charleston. I hate that I’ll have to leave it eventually, but I’m still in no hurry.

Jon and I are taking Jackson to Denver next weekend! I’m really hoping for a successful trip with Jackson. It’s our first real family vacation, so it could be a total disaster. Most AirBnBs don’t allow little kids, so all of the ones we saw were so expensive. So we’re getting a standard hotel room. Lots of early nights for Jon and me! But there is a gym at the hotel so that’ll be nice, since I’ve been missing the gym so much. It’ll give me a few days where I will definitely be able to get a workout in.

Alright, time to go shower (again) and head out to get my boy from daycare. Hoping to make it out to the park for awhile today.