What I’m Up To

Both kids are in daycare now! Jackson started his new “school” today and Emma is there too. I didn’t get to enjoy my freedom today as Jon and I had two meetings with financial planners and we had a bunch of house stuff today. Our one year walkthrough was recently so the builder came out to take care of any issues we were having.

What We’re Eating This Week
I’m trying to get more into cooking again lately, especially because Emma started daycare this week. We used up one of the freezer meals (chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole) on Saturday night, had tacos Sunday night, Jon is smoking a chicken tonight… I think that’s about it on my menu. I plan to grab some stuff on Wednesday for a paleo pizza spaghetti squash casserole, but we are still working through leftovers right now. I feel like we food waste too much so I’m really trying not to do that anymore!

What I’m Reminiscing About
Traveling. Even though I’ve accepted that we just aren’t traveling this year (minus weekend trips), I have really wanted to go on another trip lately. Hopefully next year. I want to leave the baby with Grandma and take Jackson out of the country.

What I’m Loving
Being back at the gym and feeling stronger and more like myself. I started working out again at 8 weeks postpartum, I think? I’ve been taking it super easy and my workouts are usually 10-15 minutes of incline walking, 20-25 minutes of strength, and 10 minutes of stretching. I can’t work out for longer than an hour while Emma is in childcare since she is under 1 year, but it has been more than enough time to ease back into working out. I did deadlifts with 85lbs and felt really good and it wasn’t heavy at all. My core strength is starting to come back and yeah, I just feel good.

What We’ve Been Up To
I had a bunch of interviews recently to get my new job. I start next week and have 5 days of hospital orientation and then will probably have 6-8 weeks of unit orientation. I’m going to be working in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) but it’s a low acuity PCU since it’s such a small hospital. I’m hoping to cross train to the ED too to keep up/get back my ED skills. I definitely am missing my old job and wish I was going back to supervising, but now just isn’t the right time to supervise with 2 young kids and Jon’s crazy work schedule.

We’ve been enjoying our last few weekends before I go back to work and start picking up Sunday shifts. I actually took a job at this hospital because I only have to work one weekend shift per six weeks and one minor holiday per year, so I can have a lot more family time on weekends/holidays. However, weekend shifts work out better with Jon’s schedule so I’ll still be working Sundays. BUT, I’ve soaked in beach time with Jackson, coffee dates, the playground… lots of fun things with my boy that I never thought I would have loved so much before I had kids!

What I’m Dreading
The whole new job thing. I just hate orienting and learning new charting systems. I’ve also been out of direct patient care for awhile and honestly, the care in PCU is kind of mundane… but at the same time, also looking forward to getting back to work.

What I’m Working On
Jon and I are working on finding a financial planner! We have been starting to budget and be more responsible with money. We are pretty good with it and don’t buy things we don’t need and our only debt is our house and a small bit left on Jon’s truck, but we also haven’t saved between buying the house last year, furnishing, paying for Jon’s elbow surgery and a whole delivery, my lapse in work… And now we are about to buy my mom’s car- so we just want to build up our savings again. I’m actually enjoying getting more into finances and investments though!

What I’m Excited About
Getting a paycheck again!

My mom and dad are also coming to visit in a few weeks and Jon and I are taking a trip to a cabin in the mountains with my friend’s family.

And of course, Halloween with 2 kids and this will be Jackson’s first time Trick or Treating.

What I’m Watching / Reading
Watching The Handmaid’s Tale and The Office. The Office is what Jon and I watch and I’m binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Not reading anything now.

What I’m Listening To
Frozen soundtrack on repeat, all day every day.

What I’m Wearing
Shorts and a t-shirt… All I ever wear.

What We’re Doing This Weekend
Not sure! It’s my last weekend before work so I’ll probably be prepping food on Sunday so I can throw together dinners last minute when I get home from work and daycare! Probably a playground and a coffee shop.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month
Thanksgiving! We are going to Atlanta and my brothers and sisters will be going to my parent’s house too. I’m planning to go for a week too and Gina will be off work for the week and Kassie lives back in Atlanta, so I get to see all of my friends while I’m there too! I just was there for a week and got in so much friend time and it was so nice!

What Else Is New
Not a whole lot!

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