Nothing Important

I’m doing a really great job at never updating anything anymore. While I feel like I have so many things to say and want to write more about how I feel, I just don’t ever do it. I almost never sit down at my computer during the day, which is when I feel like I have things to say. I’m pretty much on the go or working all the time when I’m in Atlanta, and if I’m in Charleston, then I have a kid with me. Not sure if you’ve ever tried to write about how you feel with a 3 year old sitting in your lap trying to push buttons, but it doesn’t work. I’m really hoping once I go on “maternity leave” /quit my job, I’ll have a little more time to gather my thoughts on screen.

I even said I’d document my feelings this pregnancy a lot more on IG/FB because I think moms don’t share the real side of being moms or being pregnant. But I just don’t feel like typing anything on my phone ever. And I actually plan to put my FB back on hold/delete/whatever it is, as soon as I get my maternity shoot done in 2 weeks. But right now, that’s how I’m connecting with my photographer (and electrician for our fan installation) so I think I’ll just wait.

I’ve been on my computer way more recently because I have been uploading/organizing my photos so I can FINALLY clear up my card on my camera and delete all 4500 photos off my phone. However, I’ve discovered that somehow, even though I’ve deleted photos off my phone and have no “deleted” album, the photos magically reappear when I upload them onto my computer. It’s obnoxious and I have no idea why it’s happening. I think it’s something with the cloud, but that doesn’t make sense either because I’ve been getting notifications for like, 4 years that my iCloud storage is full.

Life is still going about the same. I went to Charleston a few weeks ago and was so overwhelmed by our house. It still doesn’t feel like home yet and I get stressed out when I feel like my environment isn’t organized or complete. We just have so much stuff to do to turn our house into a home, but then I want to save money for a car and to rebuild our savings. So, I’ve picked the few most important things to get and thing after we have those few things done, we’re going on a temporary house hiatus so we can buckle down and budget.

Jon is about to accept a new job, and we initially thought it’d come with a huge (like, HUGE) pay cut. Things are sorted out and it won’t, but it prompted us to take a look at our spending. I know our bills add up to quite a bit because of our mortgage (15 year), but holy moly. We’re going to set a strict budget short term (3ish months) and then go a little looser on it, but it was eye opening to actually pull up our accounts and average out the last 3 months of spending. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and we continue to push it off and be appalled by our monthly AMEX, but we have put it off and I think part of it is because Jon and I don’t agree entirely on a budget. But- clearly we need to be on the same page. And clearly, we need to stop the spending until we build up our savings again. Then we can get back to the fun stuff and splurge when we want.

But- the house is overwhelming. I emptied out Jackson’s clothes to figure out what we need for the baby and the mess is still sitting in the room there. I think it was made worse by the fact that we have no lights yet in half of our rooms and then I was irritated that projects in the garage were done, yet lights in our bedrooms were never a priority (MEN!). We still have all the bedroom furniture to do and to decorate and to organize our office and to make our upstairs TV room functional. A TV room seems like it’s not a big deal when we have a living room, but if both kids are napping or in their rooms, I want to be closer. And I want a pumping area at night that’s not downstairs.

I’m heading into my last week of work next week! I’ve actually been looking at jobs online again in hopes of finding a part time work from home job. Sadly, all the jobs I could do are in states that aren’t part of the compact nursing license, so I’m not licensed in those states… I actually am halfway down applying to do evening nursing instruction at a local college, so we’ll see if anything pans out with that. I think it’d be a really neat opportunity and something different than I’m used to.

Anyway, I’ve lost my desire to write any longer today. I’m just waiting on the last 22,000 photos that I uploaded to transfer from one external hard drive to another so I can delete them once they’re backed up twice.

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