A Whole Lot of Life Updates

Hello again! Long time again with no post, but such is life. It’s been busy around here with going back and forth to Charleston and working. After a few months of mostly staying in Atlanta, I’m back to a lot of back and forth until the official move to Charleston at the end of March! FINALLY!

I’m 24 weeks pregnant now and things are still going really well with pregnancy. I feel pretty good, aside from some back pain, afternoon exhaustion, not sleeping as great some nights (seems to hit me in spurts), and getting reflux-y now. Overall, definitely a good pregnancy. I’ve been able to eat a lot of foods and with Jackson, I had way more food aversions. I still definitely eat more carb heavy than before I was pregnant, but I’m trying to get in my veggies. I’ve started back drinking Shakeology and I feel like it’s making me feel healthier overall too, since I don’t think my fruit/veggie intake has been quite as good as it should be. I’m still working out most days of the week if I’m not at work. We have a new gym in Charleston and I love it, so it was fun getting in some workouts there and today I went to CrossFit (still going 1-2 times a week when I’m in Atlanta).

We don’t have a name picked out. The only thing we’ve bought for this baby is a set of bows. Yup. That’s about how life is with the second child I guess. I did get all my diapers back for the baby so I’m going to try to strip my diapers next time I’m in Charleston, but it’s a big project to do it so not really jumping to do it.

I am definitely not emotional like I was with Jackson since I’m already adjusted to motherhood. But I am truly dreading the newborn days again. I hated pumping. I hated my body. I hated not sleeping at night (and we only did that for 10 weeks, then a few random weeks here and there until 8 months). I hated introducing foods. I hate having a kid who you have to carry all over and can’t tell you what they want and who is on an ever-changing nap schedule… I am totally a toddler mom and just feel like life after that first year just keeps on getting better and better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hanging out with Jon and it’s like, “In a few months, I’ll be pumping instead of relaxing with you” or “In a few months, I won’t be sleeping in on weekends. I’ll be up at 5 for my morning pump.” I’m hoping the second baby brings a little more relaxed approach. I can imagine that’s really the only option. I will definitely be weaning earlier on this time, or at least drastically cutting pumps earlier on! The whole pump life 24/7 cannot be happening.

Jackson is so insanely fun now! He’s been so happy lately and just seriously so much fun to be around. He talks so well and we can communicate about what he wants or what he needs. He can pick what he wants to eat or what he wants to do for the day. We have coffee dates and lunch dates. We spend a ton of time at playgrounds. (This is all mostly in Charleston. He’s still in daycare 5 days a week in Atlanta.) He is sweet and hugs us randomly and tells us he loves us. He is almost totally day potty trained. We have a few accidents occasionally, but nothing major. He still naps and sleeps at night in a pull up, but I plan to work on that when we move out to Charleston next month. I want him out of all diapers by the time this baby comes. And I’ve read that if you wait too long to night train, they almost lose their ability to hold their pee for so long. So, night training- coming up!

Also, I’m so glad we introduced a wide variety of veggies early on (like, as soon as he could eat) and gave them VERY often. I can’t tell you how many kids I read about being such picky eaters, and surely part of it is temperament, but Jackson can go to town on veggies. We have to get him started a lot (lots of “Show me how a dino eats green beans!”) but he eats so many veggies. Daycare has been making way healthier lunches too, so I let him eat at school five days a week and I like that he gets stuff I’m not typically making (Shepherd’s pie, eggplant parm, veggie soups). He eats just about anything on a quesadilla too… Tuna melts, ham and cheese, black beans and cheese… I actually like watching him eat because I feel like our hard work and ALWAYS preparing foods and switching it up a lot when he was little has really paid off big time. I mean, he would still eat “long noodles” daily if we let him. We almost never do regular pasta- always a lentil, bean, or veggie based pasta noodle. He eats pretty much all of them, but definitely prefers spaghetti noodles or fettuccini noodles. But… he’s definitely not a chicken nugget and mac n’ cheese kid and I worked really hard not to let him fall into that. (Clearly, I think a varied diet full of veggies is super important.)

I’m still working! Still have lots of days to go and tried to jam pack some of the time I’m here with work days. I really want to build up my paid time off and extended illness bank and I also want as much money as I can before leave. While we definitely make a comfortable living, we also haven’t saved since buying our house. We bought couches and a bed for Jackson and still have more furniture to go. We need a new car for me. Jon had some truck work done. I also just opened up my W2 for last year and realized how much I actually made and it’s hard to imagine a year without those paychecks. So, I’m definitely slightly stressing about not having a job, especially with an early start on maternity leave and multiple events during the last few weeks (2 weddings, 2 bachelor parties…) to pay for. And really, I’m not just stressing because of money, but I’ve been working for so long and my job is a pretty big part of me, so I can’t imagine not being employed. It’s hard to leave a hospital that I love so much, and especially my actual job because I absolutely love my job. If I wasn’t moving from here, I don’t think I’d ever leave my hospital system. And besides, after all of our recent raises and a market analysis, I finally am totally satisfied with my pay and know I won’t get that in Charleston!

Jon and I “celebrated” (I used quotation marks because we really just took Jackson to a fun park and then had a mediocre dinner in Charleston- though we did have GREAT service!) our 5 year anniversary. I’d say that this past year, although it might have been one of our hardest years starting out, has ended up as the best year yet. I feel like we’ve fallen into our marriage really nicely now. I was always feeling like I made a mistake marrying Jon (sounds terrible) because we don’t always seem compatible, but I just realized it was a choice I made marrying him and I did it for a reason. So, taking that “mistake” mindset off the table and listening to Love & Respect really sort of shifted my perspective and made me much happier in our marriage, which has totally affected our entire marriage overall. He still drives me crazy sometimes and we still bicker, but I just feel like we’re on the same page. Things are good. They’re steady and we move on from issues much better and communicate better than we were before. It’s just… it’s nice. I feel like a lot of the spark is back in our marriage (and this pregnancy is way different than Jackson with hormones and sex) and we just enjoy each other way more now than we had been before. So, I think year five will be a good year and I’m really looking forward to having our family back together!

Okay, I better hop in the shower. I want to run out for some chicken salad for lunch before my OB appointment. I planned on grocery shopping before my appointment, but I really don’t want to. So… maybe I’ll run after my appointment really quick and grab a few things. Jon and I may go out of town this weekend for a little getaway (with our boy), but the weather isn’t looking great. We’ve been waiting to book anything so we don’t get stuck in a hotel all weekend with a kid if it rains… so maybe I’ll look at some other options Thursday if the forecast doesn’t clear up. This was actually our long weekend for Quebec City and Montreal, but we decided to be financially responsible with a baby coming. And he has a meeting in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday, so he’ll spend Sunday and Monday night in Atlanta too. It all worked out in the end!


2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Life Updates

  1. If you want, you can send me the baby when she’s born and I’ll take care of her the first year lol. I love babies more than toddlers so we are on opposites haha. When are you due? Summer-ish?

    I’m sure things will keep improving on the marriage when you fully move to Charleston, long distance can put strain on relationships.

    I’m curious to see if the new baby is brunette, blonde, or red hair like Jackson. Genetics can be so interesting.


    1. I’m due May 24. Hoping to do another c-section that week! Jon and I are always talking about what color hair this baby will have. I really want a little blonde girl! I’m keeping a list of all the people who want my newborn. You each get a week, haha.


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