Holiday Season 2018

Today was supposed to be 65 and sunny, and then I woke up to cold and rainy. Not sure how that happened, or at least how my weather app is so inaccurate.

We had a fairly busy holiday season. I worked quite a bit in December since I’m in my build up PTO/EIB and build up my savings prior to maternity “leave” (/quitting- my whole job knows I’m leaving soon). Then I headed to Charleston for some time with Jon! We had a few short days before I headed back to work a few days in Atlanta and we had Adam and Jessie in town. We haven’t seen them since South Korea/Japan, so it was so nice to see them and catch up. Jon spent a night out on the town with them, but overall, it was just pretty chill and nothing crazy.

Jon took Jackson to Florida for the holidays and I worked the 23 & 24, then hung out with Laura and her family on Christmas morning since she was in town from Denver. I headed back to Charleston on Christmas day and it was a beautiful day for a drive. I really enjoy my solo drives where I can just do my own thing and not worry about Jackson’s nap time or stopping 100x to pee. The drive is more enjoyable when I can stop places and have coffee or eat, but nothing was open on Christmas except McDonald’s. And the whole world was at McDonald’s.

I took Jackson to the beach one afternoon. It was so nice out and it felt so good to see the ocean! It was freezing though- I was so glad we took winter jackets while all the Charlestonians were freezing in their sweatshirts. It was actually a really nice day, but man, the beach was windy!

I started potty-training Jackson almost right I got back, so then our days were spent at home or just going to the park. It was so boring. My potty training book talks about how you should be okay with spending time at home for a few days with your kid and if you’re not, maybe you need to re-evaluate. I re-evaluated and am still not okay with staying home for days on end with my child! We don’t go a ton of places anyway, but we usually head out once a day or I go to the gym and we run errands before nap time, and afternoons are spent at the playground. I felt like I was going crazy.

Jon’s oldest sister came in town the weekend after Christmas with her two boys and husband. It was also pretty low key, as they actually came in town for a friend’s birthday gathering. And besides, Jon and I couldn’t go far with a potty training toddler.

New Years was uneventful. We did open gifts finally (late Christmas) and go to the park, but not much else.

Lisa and I went to the park with the kids on my last day there and it was nice to get out with her! I feel like I haven’t been there a ton lately and haven’t just had chill time with friends or the kids. We actually were going to go to some free class of walking with kids, but I was way too dressed up (in jeans and Bob’s, but it was a nature walk and I didn’t realize that) and Lisa was late so we just played on the playground instead.

I’ve basically been working since I’ve been back in Atlanta! Jon was in town all day on Sunday, but we lazed around on Sunday morning and then I worked out. I’m having a week of fatigue and my workout sucked, and two workdays in a row just sucked the energy out of me… So it was a bit of a slow workout.

I’m working tomorrow and then off for a few days, thankfully. Jon gets here Thursday night because our anatomy scan is on Friday. Hoping for a healthy baby! We’ll have two full days together and then it’s back to work all week for a busy week before heading BACK to Charleston for a week.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Season 2018

  1. Yeah staying at home for days on end is torterous. I would go crazy too! Maybe take the small little potty with you? 😂😅

    I’m always amazed how much energy you have and with a second baby coming!


    1. We have figured out the potty situation, thank goodness! He does okay going while out, or he will just hold it until we get home if he doesn’t like the bathroom. Our gym has a little potty so we get in a pee before we run errands in the mornings too, which helps! I think that with a second baby, having energy is my only choice! I totally crash sometimes and just pass out on the couch, but I’m forced not to be lazy like I was when I was pregnant the first time!


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