Rambling. Of course.

I’m feeling so lazy lately! I think because I know next week is going to be so busy. Well, starting tomorrow it’ll be so busy. I need to pay bills and find a quilt for our guest bedroom since we have company coming as soon as I get in town next time. I also have a bunch of food to make and need to run to the gym before I pick up Jackson from school today.

I’ve been binge watching The Haunting of Hill House this week. I’m really not even that into it, but Netflix only gives me 3 seconds before playing the next episode now so I just keep letting the episodes run. I’ve been so sleepy because I’ve been getting in bed at 11 after watching it. Jackson has started climbing into bed with me in the middle of the night too, so I woke up 2 nights in a row when he climbed into my bed. I told him tonight he can’t sleep with me or I’ll put him back in his bed, so we’ll see how it goes. I secretly kind of love that he’s been sleeping with me because he snuggles me and it’s just so sweet, but I also don’t want to start a bad habit that we’ll have to break later on.

I had a donut date with Jackson this morning. Daycare does donut Fridays where they have donut holes on Friday mornings. He’s the first kid to daycare normally when my mom drops him off so he gets his pick of chocolate donut holes, but we’re always so late when I take him on Fridays and then he misses his donuts. So I decided to run to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning on our way to school. We had a little donut date and I got a cappuccino to go. Surprisingly, it was pretty good, but I’m really not into Dunkin’ Donuts anymore. I’ve been craving Caribou lately after seeing it on somebody’s Instagram, but the closest Caribou is closer to downtown. I thought about going to get some today, but that hasn’t happened! They closed our high school hangout one awhile back and I’ve only had it a few times since then.

I’m currently working on Jon’s photo album for Father’s Day (/Christmas, because I missed Father’s Day by a few months) right now. I have to get this thing done this year! Especially since Jon actually got me a Christmas present this year. I really hate making these Shutterfly albums but it really is so fun to look back on them and have the memories all in one place. I would love to make Shutterfly albums for all of my trips, so one of these days I’m going to work on that! I really want to do our wedding too, but last time I started it, I realized I had somehow deleted all of my photos of the girls before the wedding and was so bummed. I’ve kind of not even wanted to look at wedding photos since then, since the ones of us getting ready were some of my favorite photos.

Can you guys believe it’s almost December?! I feel like time has been flying by lately! And December should fly right by too since I have a ton of work and then go out to Charleston for the enter second half of the month.

Jon is in New York right now for work and I’m dying to go on a trip. I have no idea how we’ll make a trip happen but I think we NEED to before this baby comes. Nothing super long, but I have some time in January and February. I really want to go to Quebec City still since Zika is in a lot of the tropical locations, but I just don’t know that we can swing it financially. I mean, we can, but not sure it’s smart when we have so much going on. We’ve been waiting to make sure Jon hits his number this quarter before we pay for any trips, so it’ll be a last minute trip if we go, which is totally fine. I mean, we planned Japan and Iceland 2 weeks before our trips, so I’m sure I can swing Quebec City.

It’s so strange to me that I’m not going to have a job soon! I’m done with my job on March 16th (maybe I can swing another week, but doubtful. I think Jon would kill me.) and this is the first time in so long that I won’t be employed! I’m so bummed about leaving my hospital system. I really love our system and think we have a really amazing leadership team all the way up. The nursing support is beyond what I’ve seen in other places and despite not having mandated ratios in Georgia, we have ratios we abide by in our facility. I really hope I find a job I love as much as I love my job. I’ve also been in my position long enough now that I feel comfortable making decision and influencing the “culture” at work. Staff members come to me with issues now and I like that I can see a lot of the issues in the department. It really does take time to build that trust and I wish I wasn’t leaving right when I feel like we’re really getting into improving the department (it has improved, but my manager started right before me so we got into this thing at the same time) and have a lot of good ideas… I really like my role now and hope to get back into supervising once I find a place that I love in the future. I also hate that I won’t be getting a paycheck. I definitely had time periods in the last few years where I wasn’t contributing a whole lot financially, but I’m fairly consistent now with my paychecks (some are more than others when I work extra) and it definitely makes a difference in not having to think abut money. I know I contribute to the household in other ways when I don’t work, but I also am a person that gets a lot of my own value from my career. So to not have a job or contribute financially just seems so strange to me.

Anyway, I should be off to get a few things done. I’m going into work tomorrow around one and then it’s working ALL week. I’m training somebody to fill in as charge too which is totally fine, but it’s just not as relaxing when I have to teach somebody things. And she has to leave early, so I’m going to be trying to shove in as much of the evening stuff in as I can early in the day. I’m already tired thinking about working so many hours next week!

5 thoughts on “Rambling. Of course.

  1. I’d totally love to go to Quebec so I hope you get to (so I can live vicariously thru your pics). Have never wanted to go to Iceland but Quebec, I’m down. Practice my French from college too ;).

    I read the last post but didn’t comment, but I really love the look of the house and the rug/couch. For the coffee, you could always use a wine center/rack for things like that… the lady who gave me mine had her toaster/coffee maker on it but we don’t have that on ours. It’s kinda covered in hubs’ gaming stuff right now and a few bottles of Aldi wine.

    Good furniture is awesome! We’ve bought several pieces from Costco like our couch and haven’t been disappointed.


    1. I actually wanted to order a Costco couch but Jon wouldn’t do it without trying it first! They were WAY cheaper than ours and I thought they looked really nice and had REALLY good reviews.

      I hope we go to Quebec too! I’m in need of a vacation more and more every day!

      So, about the rugs (not the HUGE rug though)… Jon texted me at work and told me our rug was delivered when I texted you. So you went and moved that box that I texted you about. The next day, I got a notification that our doorbell rang and I looked and IT WAS OUR RUG! I pulled up the clip from the day before and you moved some random work box for Jon’s work, haha. He ended up texting one of our neighbors that we met one time and our neighbor’s parents were house sitting, so they went and put our rug in the garage. I was like, “You didn’t even look at the doorbell cam and assumed our rug was delivered?!” So, thanks for keeping Jon’s work stuff safe 😉


  2. I know people who let their toddlers sleep with them and it turned out to be a total nightmare and now they’re having such a hard issue to get their kid to sleep in their own bed. It’s hard because they’re your child and they’re so cute and you just want to cuddle them.

    Your time off will only be during the baby right? You’ll be back to work soon enough?

    I think taking a vacation is a good idea if you really need one. Quebec City I hear it’s great, I’ve only been to Montreal and it was really nice. Just remember that it will be cold and there’s not much sunlight here right now. In Boston the sun rises at about 6:30am and sets at 4am and it’ll be worse in Canada. So I would go in February when there’s more sunlight.


    1. Jackson has never really slept with us so he’s not in the habit of it, thankfully! I could never get in that habit, even though it’s really cute every one in awhile.

      I’ll probably be off for about 6-8 months, unless I just can’t stand it anymore! I’m quitting March 16th, but I’m hoping to maybe make it through the holidays off for once… So, if I get another 24/7 type job, I’d probably wait. If I find a PT M-F type job, I’d go back earlier.

      I sort of want the shorter days in Canada! When we took a babymoon to Tahoe, we were so lazy and just hung out in the hotel all evening watching movies and snuggling. It takes the pressure off to get out and see EVERYTHING when it’s dark/cold early, and I just kind of want a cold, snowy babymoon. I love my winter vacations! But it probably would be in Feb, but just the first or second week (I think I have 5 or 6 days off in early/mid Feb).


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