House Updates, Pregnancy… The Usual

Wow- it has been a month since I posted anything on here! It’s been busy lately and I was also feeling under the weather so wasn’t particularly motivated to do much of anything.

I took a trip out to Charleston for a week. I spent most of the time organizing our house and finding new furniture. We’re getting closer to having things a little more presentable! The bigger stuff in our main areas is picked out- kitchen table, couches, TV stand, rugs, etc. We still need to decorate our sunroom (I have ideas!) and pick out decor. I want a big clock for over our fireplace and we need to mount our TV (may wait until we get a bigger one) and find some plants and curtains and new blankets/pillows. Our kitchen table will be delivered this coming week (custom farmhouse table- we’ve been waiting for awhile) and then I need to find chairs since we only have one bench with it (chairs required for children). I need to find a quilt for our guest bedroom and lay out the rug and get the bed frame together. I also really want to get a cute little bench for inside of our front door, a rug, and then find a big picture for over our dresser. And we need a coffee station. Jon ordered me a fancy espresso machine for Christmas and we are limited on counter space big time, so I’m planning to do a coffee wall behind our table! I have a few ideas in my head but want to see the house now before deciding.


I can’t decide how I feel about the colors of this rug with our floor, but I think we’ll keep it. I need to play with how it’s positioned too, but I figure I won’t bother Jon with a million messages asking him to move it and send pictures. I ordered a 9×12 rug and it is massive, but I couldn’t remember how big I decided I needed when I actually ordered it. I was planning on ordering a 9×12 and 8×10, but then I couldn’t find this rug in stock anywhere in an 8×10. So, I think we’ll keep it. Unfortunately, the fireplace extends super close to our love seat, so switching the rug to going under the love seat would make it overlap my fireplace or it wouldn’t be able to come forward by the TV very far. I also think we’ll put the ottoman back by the chair (which is now in our sunroom but will probably end up in our TV room upstairs in time) and I want a coffee table. Either this or this. I need to measure when I’m there next. I think I’ll get a nice fake plant for the back corner too.

This was so not supposed to be all about our house. Decorating has been a lot of fun but also REALLY expensive. Since we finally bought our house, we wanted to invest in pieces we actually like, rather than just buying cheap items to replace again in a few years. We are definitely not going crazy since we have little kids, but I also want to really like our house and want it to feel like our home. And we’ve bought our BIG pieces now, so the rest should be easier/cheaper.

Anyway, pregnancy is going pretty good now! I’ll be 15 weeks tomorrow. SO crazy to think about. I feel so huge this week (not in a bad way) and I just cannot believe we’re so far into it already. This pregnancy has been way less emotional. I already know what it’s like to have a kid and I’m not adjusting from my childless life to life with a child and that was the hard part with Jackson. I definitely feel more paranoid about this baby not being healthy. I also don’t feel any movement yet so I don’t have that constant reassurance that the baby is moving. We go next Saturday, Dec 8th, to have an ultrasound for our gender reveal, so we’ll know what we’re having soon. I have a feeling it’s a boy just because I want a girl so bad.

My family came in town for Thanksgiving again this year. I was actually working on Thanksgiving and didn’t get home until 8:30pm, but everybody was here off and on all day Friday and Saturday. My sister and brother both brought their kids, so they stayed with my mom and dad. My one brother lives here so he was at his house, and then my sister and her boyfriend and boyfriend’s daughter were at a hotel. It was so nice to see everybody. I really wish we were closer to the whole family but I don’t think we’ll ever all be in the same place!

I’m back to working out again. This seems like a recurring theme where I stop and start. But I went in Charleston the week that I was there and then when I came back to Atlanta, I worked a ton. Then I got a cold from hell and had my first sinus infection. It was so painful. My face, teeth, and jaw hurt so bad and I can’t really take anything useful, so I was miserable. I’m feeling so much better from my cold. I’ve been a little tired, but overall, feeling pretty good. I think I’m having a pre-postpartum body crisis though. I want to buy so many new clothes and look like a normal human being. I think I’m in denial that the awful postpartum body is on its way and my boobs are going to be DDs again and leaking milk everywhere. And I’ll be too tired to get dressed most of the time. So… I just want to feel like a normal person as much as possible before delivering this one. I also really want to keep working out in hopes of not losing so much muscle this next time, but as long as I don’t get a stress fracture during my first workout back at the gym, I should be okay.

Alrighty, well, I think I’m going to go relax. I need to grocery shop at some point before picking Jackson up from school. I’m working a ton over the next week. I have 4 12 hour shifts next week and I picked up 6 hours on Saturday. Jon is out of town or I would have picked up the whole day. I’m trying to accrue as much PTO as possible before leaving work and also trying to build up our bank account (which is NOT happening since we bought too much furniture!). It’s hard when your mom has to watch your kid though, otherwise I’d be working WAY more!


One thought on “House Updates, Pregnancy… The Usual

  1. Decoratint is always fun! I agree, it’s better to invest in furniture that’s going to last rather than always spending money on getting new couches. You bounced back pretty quick after Jackson, I’m sure you’ll do the same after having this baby!


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