Columbus, GA Trip with Kids!

Happy Monday! I spent my weekend working so no exciting weekend updates at all about the weekend. It was slow with patients but I had productive days finishing up some small tasks. I also finished up my final schedule for work! I have my last day as March 16th and I am really hoping to make it to then at work. I know Jon wants me to go out to Charleston earlier but we need to save money and I also don’t want to just spend my last 4 months of pregnancy sitting at home. I’d rather get paid and accrue PTO to cash out at the end. I’m really excited that the end is in sight and only 4 1/2 months away though! I can’t wait to actually live with my husband again and just get settled back into life in Charleston.

My boys came to have lunch with me at work!

Last week, Gina and I took the babies to see Kassie and Eleanor in Columbus. Kass has been out there for a year and we’ve gone once but have been talking about going back for so long. I woke up at 5:30 and threw myself together and loaded up Jackson before picking up Gina and Franklin. Thankfully, all of us girls bought the same carseats, so Jon put my infant base in my car for Franklin to make the trip way easier than having to swap my big seat out.

It was such a fun day! The weather was great and we were there by 9:30 in the morning, so we had plenty of time to get out of the house. Eleanor was at school when we got there, so the rest of us went out to brunch. The French cafe we wanted to go to was closed but Kassie mentioned Iron Bank Coffee just down the street. It was so good! I had such a delicious egg and cheese croissant and the coffee was so yummy. I have really bad coffee aversions in pregnancy, but lattes are typically the exception. I tend to really want lattes when I’m out and this one killed it. After breakfast, we had about an hour before Kass had to get Eleanor, so we walked down to the water and Jackson played on the playground.


Columbus is such a cute town. We didn’t explore much last time we were there and I was so glad to walk around downtown. The sidewalks were also huge and so wide which is a mom dream.  Walking around Charleston with Lisa is impossible with our strollers and we’re constantly having to go around trees and get in a line to let people by. These sidewalks were massive. Loved it.




We ended up hanging out at Kassie’s for a bit in the afternoon once Eleanor got home. The kids ate snacks and played while we chatted a little bit. Conversation with three kids around is just not the same, but it was still nice to just hang out with my friends!



We headed out to Oxbow Meadows after our relaxing time so the kids could play. It’s a little learning center that’s part of Columbus State. Eleanor and Franklin both fell asleep, so Jackson looked at reptiles and then we went on a walk on one of the trails.


We decided to grab some tacos from a taco truck for dinner. Jackson was too busy playing with rocks to eat, so we stayed at Kassie’s for awhile to feed him dinner and get him ready for bed. We headed out around 7:30 and both kids fell asleep in the car!



So, our Columbus trip was a lot of fun and I really want to go back! I’m hoping we can make it for another day while Gina is on maternity leave, but we don’t have much time left! I’ll be gone so much in November that I have no idea when it’ll happen!

Anyway, that’s a long enough recap! I’m going to go relax. I was going to pick up at work (well, back in the ER) for 4 hours today since they’re offering big money but I haven’t heard from my mom to see if she’d pick up Jackson. I don’t really want to work or else I’d call her, but I feel like I need hours so we can buy my minivan!



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