Ooltewah, TN Trip!

These last two weeks have been SO NICE. After being in my master’s program and then spending all summer back and forth between Atlanta and Charleston, I have really enjoyed having some more free time. Last week I only had one day during the week off, but this week I have THREE DAYS off. I actually have a management meeting on Wednesday and am thinking about picking up in the ER tomorrow for some extra cash (that minivan is right around the corner, ladies!), but I may just skip both of those things and relax some more.

I also had en entire weekend off with Jon! We had booked an awesome AirBnB for Saturday night in Ooltewah, TN. It was a campsite with a lean to essentially that was located on a family farm. Unfortunately, Jon had a horrible gout attack and he ankle was huge, so he was miserable when he got here on Frida night and then barely slept. We went out to get Maple Street Biscuit Co on Saturday morning for breakfast and then decided we’d head out to Ooltewah for the day. Jon passed out as soon as we walked in the house to get ready to go since he had barely slept and then took painkillers in the morning, so we made a last minute decision to ditch our camping stuff and take my mom’s car out (mine is too small for Jon to sit in comfortably and his is a huge diesel truck so I can’t maneuver that thing). That way I could drive while Jon slept the whole way.

Guys, this AirBnB was awesome. I know it was really a campsite, but it was so awesome. We were confused about where to go when we drove in, so we chased chickens until we heard from the owners, Mike and Tara.


We followed Tara out to our little campsite and then she sent her son out to start our fire for us. He rode out on a little tractor thing (I’m not country, it was like a farm-style golf cart, haha) with all of his friends and they all threw the wood on and started it. He looked like he was about 8 and I just feel like that is the life for a little boy!


The area around the shelter was mulched in and it was fairly large, so Jackson had a blast just running around and entertaining himself. It was so nice to just sit there with Jon and let Jackson do his own thing. He was really into the sticks and scraping the cut down trees with his sticks. We didn’t hear a peep from him.


Jackson had a major poop, so after cleaning him up as best as we could, I needed to go wash my hands in a real sink. We decided to grab some dinner at a local cafe that wasn’t really worth writing about. I also got extremely nauseous once we were on our way and was miserable while we were there. Gotta love pregnancy hormones.

When we came back, Mike and Tara were letting all the animals out and they had their friends over. Lots of little kids were running around with Jackson. He got to play with baby goats and watch the horses! This kid was having a blast!



We decided to go sit by the fire for a little while before packing up our camp chairs and heading back to Atlanta. We were both kicking ourselves for not just bringing our camping stuff since Jon’s ankle was feeling better and we were having such a good time. I snuck a picture of Jackson with the pumpkins…


And then we hung out by the fire and relaxed while Jackson entertained himself again. Had to make a stop to see the cow though!


Our Sunday was pretty low key. Jackson has a cold and barely slept at all on Saturday (woke up at 5:45am with no nap!!! then 6:30 on Sunday! He normally sleeps until 8am!), so he had a total meltdown Sunday morning. We ran to Kohl’s to grab him a few more pants and long sleeved shirts and then played at the playground for a bit.

He tried to nap while Jon headed out to Charleston, but there was no luck! I ended up just taking him over to my brother and his girlfriend’s house so they could watch him. It’s been nice because now that Jackson is at a fun age, my brother and his girlfriend have been wanting to take him on Sunday afternoons after Jon leaves. It’s a ways out to his house, but I drop him off and then get to do my own thing before going to get him.

Yesterday I met up with Gina and Franklin and just walked around outside and got sandwiches and smoothies. It was such a beautiful day and so nice! I left around 6pm to go get Jackson and then we rushed to get in bed since we had to do baths before bed time.

This morning, I went to CrossFit for the first time in weeks. I have been wanting to get back to the gym but am somewhat unmotivated because I feel nauseous so much. But it was so good to get moving again and be active. I’m trying to get back in the swing of working out. I ran to Whole Foods after and then came home and cleaned ALL morning. My room and bathroom were such a mess and I even cleaned out the litterbox outside.

I’m about to run to get Jackson now and then I’m going to make some lentil and veggie soup! I’m hoping it’s good. I’ve been wanting savory foods lately but have been eating so bad lately. I know I need to do better about eating well, especially while pregnant, so I’m going to work on not eating so much crap (pizza and biscuits).

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