OB Appointment, Gym, Coffee & Biscuits

I had my OB appointment yesterday! My OB left the practice recently go to be staff at a medical college (Stanford, I think), which was a huge bummer but also sort of a relief since Jon wants me to deliver in Charleston. Because my favorite doctor is gone, I scheduled this appointment with the doctor that delivered Jackson and actually, the doctor who I had my confirming appointment with for Jackson too.

This doctor is a male, which is totally fine. He also did a fantastic job with my c-section and my OB said he always does really great c-sections. But he did my entire appointment yesterday, including the ultrasound. When the female techs did my ultrasounds last time, they always pointed to things and listened to the heartbeat. This doctor just did the ultrasound and measurements, never pointed anything out, and then played the heartbeat for about 3 seconds so he could measure how fast it was. That was it! Jon thinks he has terrible bedside manner but to me, he’s just so typical male. I actually think he’s pretty good, but I think Jon was unimpressed with him during my delivery and I was so out of it that I don’t even remember him hardly at all.

I’m 7 weeks 5 days today. The baby’s heart rate was 153. Everything looked good. The baby was such a blob. Jackson’s first ultrasound was so much cuter, but I was farther along with Jackson so he had some more definition than this baby.

New baby on the left. Jackson on the right.

I am still a bit worried about miscarrying, but I’ll just keep hoping for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I went and had biscuits and coffee by myself after my appointment yesterday since I had some free time. It was so nice to just get out alone and relax. I’ve been so busy lately and have really been craving some down time. I even fixed my hair which never happens!


I finally made it back to the gym today! I remember feeling really tired during my first trimester with Jackson and having a hard time working out and today was no different. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve been pretty inactive for about 6 weeks. I took it pretty easy. I got so short of breath and nauseous (because I’m always nauseous) so I took a ton of breaks. I kept it easy too since I hate getting super sore if I just jump back into crazy workouts. I’m really wanting to push myself to make it to some yoga classes, so I think I’m going to write down the times and try to go at least once a week from now on. The older I get, the less flexible I am, and I know it’d help long-term to work on staying bendy.

After the gym, I met up with Gina and Franklin. Franklin is Gina’s baby. He’s about 6 weeks old now. We ate biscuits today too (Maple Street is the best!) and then took a short little walk once Franklin decided he was over our biscuit outing! As always, it’s nice to have some time during the day to relax. I was torn between a friend outing or a lazy day on the couch since I’ve been so exhausted lately, but time with Gina won.


Anyway, back to work tomorrow and Friday. Jon is here this weekend and I’m off all weekend. My weather app is showing great weather for the weekend so we talked about camping, but I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. I really want to go do something since I feel like we’ve been so busy with stuff lately that we haven’t really enjoyed family time. I actually found this campsite on AirBnB that’s on a farm and looks pretty awesome. They let you milk cows and I think Jackson would love that! So, maybe we’ll try that?!

Anyway, off to relax for a bit before I go pick up my boy. But in case you haven’t seen my cutie pie lately, I’ll leave you with a picture. Oh, and as a cute quick story about this kid… Last night, he ate a ton of broccoli for dinner. Today, I made him an omelet with broccoli and cheese. He spit it out and said, “I do not like broccoli!” (he’s very articulate) and I reminded him he ate it last night and liked it. He goes, “I ate broccoli last night and I liked it, but I do not like broccoli in my eggs.” Guys, two year olds are THE BEST THINGS EVER! Some weeks he really tries me and I think the other week when I was in Charleston, I spanked him like, 50 times in a day and I don’t even like to spank (pregnancy hormones, nausea, a kid who won’t nap, and lack of sleep for mom seriously had me annoyed with my little one)… But he is so fun. He is in a story telling phase and he makes things up all the time. “Grandma, ‘member when you spanked me a little bit last night?” (Grandma would never spank him, haha.) Best age ever.


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        1. I just saw the last one. I see them occasionally pop up but not super often. I follow it in Bloglovin’ and I could miss some because I go weeks without logging in to read blogs. But I try to catch up on yours!


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