Life Updates

Woah, it’s been a LONG time again! Lots of updates…

We closed on our house in Charleston! There was a lot of back and forth towards the end with the hurricane hitting North Carolina and mandatory evacuations in Charleston, so our closing was pushed back a few times. In the end, it all worked out just fine and we closed a week late without any damage to the house! I went out to Charleston the week before last to clean up our rental townhouse and get unpacked in our new house. It was a busy trip and our house in Charleston doesn’t feel like ours yet, but I love it. I think I’m just used to living in a much smaller space. Our last townhouse was my biggest house on my own, at 1500sqft. So, our 2800sqft house just feels so big to be our home. It doesn’t seem real that we own it yet. I’m thinking once we get new furniture and hang stuff on the wall, it’ll start to feel more like home. Super glad to be in though and we live on an awesome street with amazing neighbors (one stopped walking his dog to help Jon move a HUGE armoire into our playroom!). I already met new moms with kids Jackson’s age and I’m just really excited to settle down there for awhile.

The downside of that trip was that I felt pretty awful. I’m pregnant(!!!!) so I was feeling horrible the entire time. A lot of nausea. A lot of food aversions. Extreme fatigue. No TV in either house and a toddler who refused to nap and had complete meltdowns every afternoon…

I have my first OB appointment today and I’m pretty nervous. Finding out I was pregnant this time was a lot less exciting and a lot more nerve-racking than when we found out last time. I took a pregnancy test because I notice my boob hurt when I was holding a cup against it, so I randomly took a test at 10pm one night and it was faintly positive. I’ve definitely been symptomatic lately, so I feel like the hormones must be surging, but man… I just can’t help but feel like it could all just end at any moment. So, I’m pretty emotional/nervous for my appointment today, but hopeful that this baby must be thriving if I’ve been this miserable!

I haven’t worked out in so long. I hurt my butt somehow driving back and forth in early September when my nephew was in the hospital in Florida, so I was letting it heal. I finally feel like I could work out again in regards to my butt, but then I ate so little for a week or so because of being sick. Now I’ve been eating more again, but just feel so horrible. I’m hoping next week to get back to it though, since this week is a crazy busy week with work and appointments.

Marriage is good but the same! I feel like Jon and I had a super rough start to the year and then I listened to Love and Respect and changed my perspective on our marriage and we’ve been just smooth and steady. Obviously we still argue and annoy each other (because that’s marriage), but it’s just not a big deal anymore. I’ve been so grateful for all that he does for us and the house he provided us and just what a good job he does with his role in our family… I’m going to be so excited to live together again one of these days! It’ll just be nice to be a regular family and not to be 5 hours apart!

Anyway, I better go pack a bag for Jackson! He’s coming to my OB appointment (not going to be fun) since his pediatrician appointment is this afternoon and I have a feeling if they have to do an ultrasound to see how far along I am, I won’t be able to get to his daycare before his appointment. So, gotta get toys together!

2 thoughts on “Life Updates

    1. Thanks! I need to post pictures! I wanted to post the ones from the listing but never did because I didn’t want people finding the house (not that anybody is THAT interested in my life, haha). I will do it when I go next time!


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