Life Updates

I swear, one day I will return to regularly scheduled blog posts. But probably not any time soon.

We close on our house on September 13th, so we are coming down to it! My free time (hah, that’s funny) has consisted of loan paperwork, insurance paperwork, power of attorneys, offers, counteroffers, emails, signing documents, submitting documents… But, I think we’re officially in the clear on our loan! Our loan was submitted to underwriting and we were just waiting on Jon’s Certificate of Eligibility since we went with a VA loan. We actually were not planning on it since we have a funding fee for VA loans, but we ended up going with a 15 year loan, so the rates were much lower for that. We actually drove by the house last night and I was peering in the door and it was open! The builders are having to fix some things we requested, so they must have been doing work. It was so fun to be back in it since we really never got a super long look at the house. I had forgotten a lot of the details and it is still just so crazy that we will own such a beautiful house. We spent quite a while looking at it and talking about what we’ll do with the rooms. I’m hoping we can go by again, since I won’t see the house again until after Jon moves us in. I’d like to have a clear idea of where everything needs to go.

I’ve also been working a ton! Since we have our entire downpayment about to leave our savings, I’ve been feeling the stress. We’re still fine, but my car has 170,000 miles on it and I can’t help but feel like we need to build up our savings as quickly as possible for any sort of emergencies. So, I’ve picked up extra shifts and am in the midst of doing evaluations on the staff, so that counts for hours too. But it’s been stressful… I essentially have 2 weeks to write the rest of my evals and review them with the staff since I’ll be in Charleston the rest of the time.

I just got in town yesterday to Charleston for our last trip to the townhouse. We have so much packing to do. The house is a mess since Jon didn’t clean it before I came and my motivation to clean is lacking because we literally have to pack everything up while I’m here… And I want to take time to enjoy my boy, since I’ve been working SO much lately.

Oh, and we went to Denver!!! I forgot all about that! I will save that for next time because it was AWESOME, but I’m going to clean up and start packing some stuff!

3 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. I saw your Denver pictures and can’t wait to read about it, but it looked like you had a really wonderful time. I’m glad the home buying process is going well and that things are coming together, but I totally get where you’re coming from with the extra shifts because buying a home is expensive. Not just the down payment, but also the things you’ll have to buy after you move in that you don’t even really think about! At least you have some time and some more paychecks before mid-September, but still.

    I would totally hire a move-out cleaner for the townhome. The worst part of moving to me was having to clean our old apartment in Florence. I will never do that again. I really miss hiring someone to clean my home on a regular basis but hopefully once I get the medical troubles behind me and now that Clay’s loans are paid off we can do that again!


  2. I have just been catching up on your posts since I have been neglecting WordPress. How exciting with the new house it sounds AMAZING, was so sad to read about the miscarriage but I love that you are staying positive about it and I am sure things will work for you next time!

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