OB Appointment & House Buying!

Hey-o! Checking back in sooner than I usually do after a post!

I had my OB appointment today, which was scheduled as a “confirming” visit. The two women who work at the front desk have been there since I started going to my OB/GYN 14 years ago (wow! how am I so old?!) and I absolutely love them. They totally make the office. When one of them saw my reason for the visit, she kind of got excited but obviously didn’t say anything since other patients were checking in.

I was totally fine until I sat down to wait for the doctor. I knew this appointment might be difficult, but I hadn’t given it much thought since I left the ER last week since I’ve been so busy lately. It definitely hit me that I was supposed to be there to confirm my pregnancy and could have been hearing a heartbeat already. I almost cried a few times but held it back.

The OB said it was good to skip a month of trying to get pregnant so everything can get back to normal. I’m almost positive that I’m already ovulating, so I’m hoping things get back on track nicely. It worked out too since Jon is out of town this weekend so I won’t see him and I felt like I was wasting a month where we could be trying! So, the advice to wait made me feel better about “missing an opportunity.”

Although I really wish this would have just worked out this time around because now I have the worst baby fever, I also think it put into perspective how much I really am ready for another baby now. I was genuinely SO excited to find out we were pregnant and I’m not sure I was really expecting to be that excited. I’ll just keep hoping things work out for us next time around and that we are able to get pregnant again just as easily as this past time.

In other news, WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! I absolutely love it. There are definitely some things I would change, but after seeing so many houses, I realized there will never be one house that meets every want that we have. Our house has a “sunroom,” which is really an open room off the dining room with a lot of windows. It’s nice, but I want a true sunroom or preferably, a screened in porch. There are no trees at all, so no shade in the yard. Shade is hugely important in such a hot state when you’re playing outside! We can’t even go to playgrounds that aren’t shaded during the day because the equipment is so hot that you can’t even touch it. I’m thinking about getting a landscaper to come out once we put a fence up so we can get some trees in there. The driveway is also way shorter than I would have liked. Not a huge deal, but for company, it’s nice to have somewhere to park. We also live in sort of a weird spot in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is massive and our closest entrance is through an apartment complex. The other closest entrance is through much older houses. The main entrance with a light is 8 or 9 minutes away, and the roads outside the neighborhood are busy.

But, I love the inside of the house. It’s bright. It’s brand new. It has light counters (love!) and a darker carpet (so nice with cats and kids!). It’s a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house so we can grow into it if we stay in Charleston. Apparently a new elementary school is supposed to open inside the neighborhood in 2021 (according to a 20 year, 4 phase district plan- the school is in the final phase of the plan and it appears that all the other phases have been completed). I love that we have a true guest bedroom and full bathroom. I love that we have an office and a flex space downstairs, plus a whole sitting area upstairs. I’m super excited to move in but also shocked that we can buy that house. I’m so grateful for Jon’s hard work at his job and for his support at mine. I would have never thought that we’d be buying such a beautiful house at 32 and 34.

We’re doing the loan process now. But we’re using the construction company’s lender and I’m annoyed because the person who I have to have a consultation with is NOT responding to me about when to schedule an appointment. I was hoping not to have to worry about it on vacation since the actual call is about an hour. Very frustrating to deal with this.

What else…? My little wee one is still having major separation anxiety. I asked a mom group how common this is since all the other little kids I see are getting dropped off with no issues. Even the kids of the stay at home moms that I know are starting their playgroups like it’s nothing. And my kid, who has always been in daycare, is freaking out. The moms in the group said they experienced this too, so I HOPE it’s coming to an end sometime soon.

I’m still working out sometimes. It’s been hard to be consistent with so much back and forth and so much work (trying to pick up extra shifts so we can furnish our house and build up our savings account again). I did make it to CrossFit twice this week and hope to make it Sunday to the gym, when I’m off. I really need to stay active to stay sane. I just feel so much better when I’m working out regularly.

I still LOVE my job. I wish I could take my job with me to Charleston. I hate that I’ll have to leave it eventually, but I’m still in no hurry.

Jon and I are taking Jackson to Denver next weekend! I’m really hoping for a successful trip with Jackson. It’s our first real family vacation, so it could be a total disaster. Most AirBnBs don’t allow little kids, so all of the ones we saw were so expensive. So we’re getting a standard hotel room. Lots of early nights for Jon and me! But there is a gym at the hotel so that’ll be nice, since I’ve been missing the gym so much. It’ll give me a few days where I will definitely be able to get a workout in.

Alright, time to go shower (again) and head out to get my boy from daycare. Hoping to make it out to the park for awhile today.

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