Taking Toddlers to Asheville (FAIL)

Jackson and I went to Asheville this past week to visit my sister, Tonie. I envisioned a nice, relaxing trip with some hikes thrown in, a few CrossFit sessions with Tonie, and some brunch and coffee.

I almost didn’t go to Asheville since Jackson had a fever on Monday and was up quite a bit on Monday night. But by Tuesday, he seemed much better. I was still fearful of the afternoon since sick kids seem to always go downhill in the afternoon, but I decided we could snuggle and take it easy if we needed to. I had actually planned on taking him to daycare in the morning so I could finally get to the gym (we’ve been traveling, working, or sick since we got back from Japan, so my workouts have been so sporadic), but I had to keep him home since daycare sent him home the day before with a fever.

What I was not prepared for was the demon my child became in Asheville. Holy moly. Jackson is usually really good when people are around. But this time was another story!

Jackson didn’t nap on the way to Asheville and he spent at least 30 solid minutes fussing about wanting his sunglasses on his nose. He knows how to put sunglasses on, but he insisted upon putting one side on the top of his head and the other on the bottom of his chin, and then cried about how he “want them on my nose!”

We ran to the store on Tuesday night for groceries and he threw major screaming fits over absolutely nothing. He wanted to run off and do his own thing and did not want to be controlled, but he wanted to listen to me even less. But this was just the beginning, so I was doing okay still.

He wouldn’t eat dinner Tuesday. Whatever. I figured he was still sick.

Up a bunch on Tuesday night, but I slept in the same bed with him so we just woke up 50 times to readjust our snuggling position.

He slept until 9 on Wednesday. He wouldn’t eat breakfast. We decided to drive an hour to hike up on the NC/TN border. As soon as we loaded him into the backpack and got started, it started to pour. In hindsight, one of us should have checked the weather but neither of us did. Once it started thundering pretty badly, we decided to head back. Of course, Jackson wanted to continue on the “oler” way and was so upset that we had to go back. We loaded our soaking selves (well, I had a change of clothes for the little one) in the car and headed out for coffee.

Still dry.

Sometimes Jackson is obnoxious when we’re out and doesn’t listen, but usually he settles down with some food. This time, I’m pretty sure he decided to lay in the middle of the floor no less than 20 times. This mom can handle most obnoxious behavior at home, but I cannot stand when Jackson lays on the floor in public. That and refusing to get into his carseat are the top two things that really make my patience completely fail.

We left there and decided to head to the gym. We were going on no nap, but Jackson did great last time we went to the gym at the Y there. This time, he threw the mother of all fits. I decided to leave him anyway since he always calms down. Except for this time. After 10 minutes, the childcare girl came to get me. He was so upset about being in there and took forever to calm down. He finally found some rings to play on while Mommy did a quick workout while Tonie chatted with a girl there.


Again, no dinner that night.

On Thursday, Tonie had an appointment in the morning so my boy and I hung around the house and watched TV. It was super stormy or we probably would have gone adventuring somewhere. Jackson was being really good so I thought we were in the clear. Tonie got home a little late (right before 11) and wanted to work out again. I wasn’t too optimistic, but we headed to the gym anyway.


Major meltdown ensued. Mom didn’t work out again. But I expected this one.

Thankfully, we got home and both fell asleep immediately for some good naps. Then Jackson ate a gigantic snack afterwards and seemed completely back to himself. Tonie and I headed out for a super late brunch at Sunny Point Cafe on the west side of Asheville.

Our meal was delicious and Jackson was surprisingly good!

Tonie had a meet up with friends that evening, so Jackson and I swept the floors at Tonie’s (his favorite) and had a great night.

We decided to go to the gym early on Friday morning before we headed out, but Jackson was crying if I even brought up him playing in the gym daycare. It was really nice out, so I called Tonie (we took separate cars so I could leave right after) and asked if we could just go hike instead.

We found a little trail up on Blue Ridge Parkway and it was so pretty. Unfortunately, the trail wasn’t great for kids. A ton of roots, steep drop offs, low hanging trees, narrow trails… Jackson wanted in and out of his backpack, to go this way or that way, to be carried or not… It was a short hike but at least we got out there.



Then Tonie and I went into Waynesville, SC for a quick bite to eat before Jackson and I headed back to Atlanta. My boy crashed hard as soon as we left.

It’s trips like that where it is hard to be thankful for my cute little redheaded boy. No matter how much I love him, it was hard to keep on liking him on Wednesday. I think I texted Jon a million times about how I couldn’t take him anymore. He went to bed and I think I took about 30 minutes to just sit silently in the bathroom, where I could barely motivate myself to get ready for bed because I just didn’t even want to move. I was tapped out. Everything he did was just irritating me and I could just feel my stress level through the roof. I remembered my pre-child days where I could enjoy traveling or drinking coffee in peace and quiet or pay attention to adult conversation…

One thought on “Taking Toddlers to Asheville (FAIL)

  1. It sounds like a rough trip! I saw some pics on insta but I was on vacation myself so I didn’t get to read all the commentary or know it was this bad. I’m sure being sick had a lot to do with it, and I hope things get better with Jackson once you’re home, he’s feeling better, etc. Still, it stinks that the whole trip was rough! It is a good time of year to go to the mountains too, it is so hot in CHS…


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