Charleston Weekends

Happy Monday! It’s been a good weekend out here in Charleston!

I spent Friday morning at a playdate for some moms in the area. Since moving here, I have only really met my neighbors and Lisa. Our neighbors (Ashley & Colton) are moving next month, so we only have Lisa left here. I really like Lisa (obviously), but she lives out in Summerville and I’m hoping to network with some people closer to home for backup if we ever need when we get back here full time, and it’s just nice to have other friends. We spent over an hour at the park with three other moms and their kids. It was a really good time and it was nice to chat with some new friends!

After we left, we headed straight over to Lisa’s house to hang out with them. We just hung around the house and the kids played (and Jackson ate a TON of peas). I left around one so Jackson could get a nap in for the day, except he never fell asleep…

We ended up just hanging out around the house in the afternoon until Jon got home. Once he was home, we ran out to Craft Conundrum for taco night with Jackson. Jackson was super fussy from not taking a nap and Jon and I had a miscommunication and really, the evening was not a good one! We came home to do bedtime and then I hung out in our room while Jon went out for a bit.

We spent Saturday morning at the beach. It was SO much fun. Jackson really got into the water this time and we spent almost an hour and a half just playing in the ocean. We went out onto a huge sandbar and the water was about a foot deep, so it was perfect to play in. We fed him a snack in the car and then Jon and I decided to stop by Saveurs du Monde for a quick lunch and then we headed home for nap time. Jackson slept so hard and I had to wake him up at 3pm.


We ran to Target in the evening and made cheeseburgers for dinner and hung out around the house!

Sunday morning, I slept in until almost 9! It was so late but I just kept on dreaming! We were meeting Lisa’s family at Smoke for BBQ downtown at 11:30, so by the time we made breakfast and got ready, it was time to leave.

Lunch was really good (I had a chicken salad sandwich) and Jackson was thankfully pretty good until the very end. We went to get ice cream after and Jackson and Nora were both being a little difficult while we waited on the guys to pay, but ice cream fixed their poor attitudes!


Nora and J

After ice cream, we headed home, where Jon napped, Jackson didn’t nap, and I tried to nap. Finally at 3, I gave up on the idea of napping and we got up and got ready for the beach. We headed out for about an hour in the water before deciding to head home to get dinner and baths before bed.

This morning, I met a babysitter who is going to watch J a few days here and there next month since J will spend the whole month here. Then I went over to our new friend’s house and all the moms from Friday got together. I loved the girl’s house! It’s just down the street from us but I loved the layout and the decoration and their yard was so perfect! I have no idea what this next year has in store for us but man, seeing houses like that (which are in our price range!) makes me want to buy so bad so we can have that too. Again, it was really nice to get to know the moms more. I won’t be back for two weeks but they’re all getting together again this week. I’m really hoping to continue to get to know them as time goes on since they are all really nice.

We came home and snuggled on the couch before I put my boy down for bed. I’m heading back to Atlanta tomorrow since Jon has to spend the night in Savannah for a business dinner and an early course on Wednesday.


I am sort of missing my days here in Charleston. I miss being settled in an area and wish I could spend more time really getting into our lives here. I’m always torn because of how much I really love my job, but I also miss just being set in one life. It’s a lot of work to go back and forth and although the drive doesn’t really both me, I waste two travel days a week doing this. It’s hard to meet more friends in Atlanta since I’m always busy, although it’s nice to have my own solid group of friends there (although, Laura just moved to Denver, Kassie is in Columbus, and Gina is downtown- although she’s out of school for the summer and will be on maternity leave through December!). I like working but I love that there is so much to do in Charleston. Because of traffic in Atlanta, it’s so hard to take Jackson to fun things since he naps during the only time of the day where traffic isn’t awful. I know our end goal is to move to Denver and I’m not sure if it makes sense to buy a house here at any point, but I wish we were able to plan a little more for our future. I just wish beach days on weekends could be the norm. Children’s Museum days and aquarium days and spending mornings with friends or at the splash pad sound so nice… I just want to be settled.

Anyway, I’m going to go relax for another hour while Jackson sleeps. Jon has a late night at work so I’m not sure what J and I will get into. Maybe we’ll head back out to the beach after his nap!

3 thoughts on “Charleston Weekends

  1. I still haven’t been to Jeni’s or Savuers Du Monde! I so should’ve hit SDM when I was going to my sports chiropractor because his office was right there by the Planet Fitness in MTP.

    It looks like you had such a fun weekend at Sullivan’s Island and being with friends. There are some awesome homes around here and the prices are good for some but the prices in general have gone up a lot since we bought in 2013. Still definitely cheaper than ATL and traffic here is much better. At least rush hour in CHS is only maybe 2 hours… ;).


    1. The houses here are actually pretty close to Atlanta prices where we are. The closer to downtown or Mt P are way higher, but this area of WA is almost right on with Atlanta right now! I went out to Summerville at 4:30 tonight and I slowed down once. Like, you have to be kidding me. ONE slowdown at 4:30pm??? And I got home at 6:45 with no problems. That’d never happen in Atlanta, haha.

      You should definitely try SDM. The quiche is so good and so are their pastries.


      1. Summerville isn’t a bad drive at all from where we live in WA, especially depending on where you’re going on Summerville. 61 is an easy drive… sucks if you’re going to say, the Nexton area, because you have the Main Street traffic. But it’s quick to get to say, Dorchester Rd… where the Charleston Bakery is (it’s so good).


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