Life Updates

Wow, it’s been over a month. Time flies. For real.

I don’t have many Japan updates yet and haven’t even thought about it, really. Blogging hasn’t really been on my mind at all lately. I don’t know if I’m over it or if I’ll continue it or what… but I’m just not into it lately. I log on maybe once a week to read blogs but I’ve been busy.

Japan was amazing. I won’t get into tons of details yet. Maybe I never will, let’s be real! How many France updates did anybody ever get? None. Although I wouldn’t list Japan as my favorite country, even though I would love to explore SO much more, the people were hands down at the top of my list. People were incredibly polite. Guys, Jon and I left our painting in a coffee shop and the owner literally ran down the street well after we had left to stop us and give it back. Nobody eats and walks (or drinks and walks). People absolutely do not talk on cell phones while on a train or while they’re in public. As a matter of fact, cell phones didn’t really make a huge appearance. Of course people were scrolling on them, but it wasn’t like it is here. But nowhere is. It was just so quiet everywhere and everybody is put together. In Tokyo, I saw more suits in one day than I think I have in my entire life in the US. And they were nice and so petite. If I ever get a job where I need suits, I’m going back to Japan and stocking up (Jon told me to order them online but what fun would that be?). And they can be washed and dried! What?!

After we got home, I spent three days hanging out with Laura since she moved to Denver over the weekend. So it was jam packed full of friend time, and the girls and I took a trip down to Columbus to see Kassie’s new house down there and spend a day visiting. It was a long day, but definitely worth it.

Once my friend days wrapped I, I’ve been in a work/sick grind. Jackson got sick at daycare so I switched around a day, and then I got sick at work and had to call out. Thankfully, it was a 24 hour virus but I puked in my car accidentally and had to stop 3 times on my way home to puke too. Talk about unpleasant. Thankfully I had everybody to take care of J since Jon was in town…

And now I’m in Charleston! I have a few days here and then head back to Atlanta for a few weeks, and then I’m un-enrolling Jackson from daycare for a month and bringing him out to Charleston. I’ll be going back to Atlanta on Thursday afternoons every week so that I can work Friday and Saturday, and then I’ll come back Sunday mornings. While it’ll be a bummer not to have a weekend together while I’m here, I also want Jon to be able to get his time in and this is how it works with my work schedule.

Not much to update on other than that. I may work on some trip posts or something, but I’m just so out of the blogging groove right now.

3 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. I loved seeing your Instagram posts from Japan! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. It stinks that we’d have to go to Japan to get suits but I would totally be down for that- it’s so hard to find cute petite clothes here, plus what beats a good excuse to travel?

    Best wishes with the traveling between CHS and ATL- you didn’t miss much here (lol). If you want to hang out here in CHS, let me know (well, except later this month when I’m traveling too).


  2. Yeah, I’ve been out of the blogging mood too ha. Just haven’t really been motivated to go on here. I want to go to Japan, maybe some day. You should have taken advantage while you were there and gotten a suit ha.


    1. I thought about it except I never need suits! I have one that I rarely put on, and now after being involved in so many interviews, I realized nurses literally never wear suits to interviews… Except me. Haha. So I might stop that.


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