Graduation & Japan

Happy Monday! I’m in Charleston right now since Jon and I leave for Japan NEXT WEEK! I don’t typically come unless I can stay for at least a week, but we (Jackson and I) drove out on Friday and are leaving on Wednesday and it has still seemed like a decent chunk of time!

On Saturday morning, Jon and I decided to go to Saveurs du Monde, a French place that I love in Mt. Pleasant! I used to go there all the time when Jackson was with his sitter here. Jon had never been there and he loved it too. We ran to Waterfront Park afterwards so Jackson could play on the playground and he was in heaven. There is so much for him to climb there. I’m pretty sure he could spends hours there.

We came home for Jackson’s nap and then headed to the beach in the afternoon because no trip is complete without a beach trip! Of course, Jackson had a blast. He spent a long time playing in the water and then we realized he was basically purple (the water was surprisingly warmer than I was expecting, but the air was a bit cool for being in the ocean), so we snuggled up with him and then let him play in the sand for a bit.

We were supposed to be looking at a condo on Sunday morning so we couldn’t go too far. We took a quick Target trip and then I went to the gym since nobody is manning the desk on Sundays. I had a good, long workout by myself since only a handful of people were in the whole gym. Turns out, our condo viewing was canceled and then the realtor never even got back to us when he rescheduled, so I’ll remember not to use him again. (We were thinking of buying more of an investment property- somewhere we could live for now and keep when we move and rent out.)

We decided to go to a baseball game last night since Jackson keeps talking about stadiums lately. While we were standing in line, somebody offered us two free tickets so we took them. It worked out perfectly since they don’t even check your seats at that “stadium” (it’s totally not a stadium like I’m used to), so we just sat where we wanted and ended up moving around a bunch. Jackson was pretty good (as good as can be expected) but then he hit a wall and was a  pain in the ass, so we came home.

I went to visit Lisa, Nora, and the new baby, Simone, this morning. Jackson had a blast playing outside in their yard and cleaning up toys.

I think we’re going to head over to visit our neighbors today since they move soon. I wanted to try to get back to the beach, but maybe tomorrow! I think Lisa and I are taking the kids to the children’s museum in the morning and then I’ll probably be packing up to leave.

Now that we had a random recap-

I’M DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL! I assume I’m just waiting on my diploma after the official graduation this week, but I haven’t really heard anything specific. I assumed I’d get an email like, “You did it! You finished your degree. Wait for your diploma,” but there wasn’t really anything official. Actually, my final grades aren’t even in, now that I looked. But I haven’t heard otherwise!

As I mentioned above, we leave for Japan NEXT WEEK! We still have a lot of planning to do, but we’ve made a little progress. We almost have the rough outline of what we want to do. The bulk of our trip is Kyoto, a quick trip to Busan, South Korea, and then maybe Okinawa after? I really want to explore more island in SEA now. Maybe one day…!

I think that’s it for major updates… Jackson went down for a late nap and I’m going to be waking him up soon. I’m so tired for some reason! I get so sleepy in Charleston. No clue how I stay so lively and awake in Georgia all the time!

One thought on “Graduation & Japan

  1. Congratulations on being done with grad school! And going to Japan is a pretty epic way to celebrate that, so I hope you have a wonderful time!

    I want to go to Savuer’s. My sports chiro’s office is right by it (beside the Mt. Pleasant Planet Fitness) on Long Point Rd. I noticed it the other day and wanted to try but it closes at 4 PM so I couldn’t.

    Glad Jackson liked the baseball game. They do some fun stuff on Sundays, like free parking. And there’s some night where kids eat free. I don’t go to the games much but I’ve liked it every time I went.

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