Final Week of GRAD SCHOOL

You guuuuyyyysss! THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF GRAD SCHOOL! Technically, next week is my last week, but whatevs. I’m having my final practicum meeting on Friday with my professor and preceptor and will submit everything over the weekend, so next week I’ll be done! I was planning to walk for graduation, but backed out last minute. Graduation is on a Thursday night (WTF) and it’s the week before we leave for Japan, so there is no way Jon can take time off to drive 7 hours to be with me for graduation. If my husband and son can’t be there to see me walk, then it’s not worth it. But I think I’m okay with that decision. I just can’t believe that next week, I will be able to fully relax on my days off and not even have to worry about school. Since I started college at 18, I took one year off for my deployment to Iraq, and another year off between my bachelors and masters. But during that time, I was travel nursing and preparing documents for licensure nonstop and studying for the GRE, so I was still focused on little tasks. I WILL FINALLY BE DONE!

Except that after I finish school, I want to become a Certified Emergency Nurse, so I need to test for that (not cheap- and not easy, I hear- so I’ll be studying!) and I also am considering looking into becoming a personal trainer. So… school isn’t done. Also considering getting into real estate so we save on realtor fees.

Had I not taken my job, I would be moving back to Charleston after this week. But I took it and I love my job.

Jon and I have been thinking a lot about our “next steps.” I think realistically, we’ll end up in Charleston for another 2ish years at least. But I’m chomping at the bit to move. One of my best friends is about to move to Denver and I’m so ready to follow her. Jon’s company hasn’t had any jobs out west (other than California and Portland- I can’t live in the constant rain in Portland and Jon thinks the gun laws are too strict in California) but I’ve been looking. I’d love for Jon to go back to school for some sort of IT degree since he really needs to get a bachelor’s degree anyway since his job requires it. Our goal is to be able to work remotely, which is another reason I’m thinking about doing personal training, since there is money to be made online now with that. And I can work in travel nursing, also. Those are long-term goals, but I want to start thinking about how to get there now. We’re also trying to figure out some investment options to get into within the next 5 years because money makes the world go around and we have big dreams that aren’t cheap. But really, I think we’ll work on figuring some things out once we know where we’ll be settled. We’ve talked about opening up some sort of business but who knows. Or flipping houses.

I just got tired of writing about my life, hah. I’m going to go do some schoolwork since I still need to shower and run errands before picking up my boy today. I went to CrossFit this morning and rowed almost 2 miles and jumped rope for the first time since way before I had Jackson and felt like my calves were dying. But it was a good workout and I’m starting to not hate rowing so much. I can’t believe how much stronger I’ve gotten just adding in CrossFit 1-2 days a week. It’s crazy. And then going to LA Fitness 2-3 days a week, typically… Then we’re going to mess this all up by getting me pregnant again and I’m going to lose my body again.

I need to start looking at Japan. We leave in 3 weeks and have nothing planned. I’ve planned a lot of trips 3 weeks out but I’m starting to feel some pressure since we have another couple traveling part of our trip with us. I also can’t believe that we are THREE WEEKS from going to Japan. It doesn’t ever hit me until I’m waiting to get on my plane, taking my Ambien so I don’t flip out on the plane…  I also want to go to Pittsburgh in June for a nursing conference but haven’t even looked at that. I need to get on my life. School had consumed me but now I should start having some more time.

Okay, for real. Time to go. Except the internet keeps going out and I need the internet for all of my school work.



2 thoughts on “Final Week of GRAD SCHOOL

  1. Congratulations on your masters!!! That’s amazing!!! Yay!!! Graduations are so boring, I don’t blame you. I love Colorado and I think it would be perfect for you guys! Whatever you guys decide for your future, I’m sure you’ll do great!! It’s never a bad thing to continue to grow, learn, and expand!

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