Quick Updates

Long time no update again! I’ll do this number styled to make it quicker and less rambly.

  1. LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL! Actually, last 3 weeks of school. I have a ton of work to do, plus it’s midyear eval time at work (haven’t even started yet). I’m ready to finish up with all of this work and start picking up a few shorter shifts down in the ER again to make a little more money. But, man, the FREEDOM of knowing that I will be done with school forever is unreal. It’s also crazy that I’ll have a master’s degree!
  2. We booked tickets to JAPAN! We planned on South Korea to be the bulk of our trip but changed our minds. Since Jon doesn’t like taking too much time off of work, logistically, it wasted way too much time to have to fly into Seoul. So, we’re flying into Tokyo and Japan will be the bulk of our trip, with a 3 day trip to Busan, South Korea, to see Adam and Jessie’s little town. They’ll be with us in Japan for most of our trip too, which I am super excited about because we love Adam and Jessie! We also had a major Skymiles win and our tickets were only $105 total for both of us. And since Jon is a Medallion member, he even got to pick out the good seats for free.
  3. CrossFit is still going! It is seriously shocking how much stronger I am after just adding in CrossFit 1-2 days a week, even if it hasn’t been super consistent because of going back to Charleston. I also just found a Groupon for a 10 day punch card for $26 for a CrossFit gym down the road from my house so I’m excited to try that, and to only spend $2.60 per class, compared to the $17 I normally spend on my classes. I’ve been consistent with my own workouts at LA Fitness on my off days from CrossFit too. I just need to focus on my eating a little more. Not to change my body, but because I feel like I’m consuming way more sugar than I normally do and it’s so bad for your body.
  4. I still love my job, but it is time consuming. We have mid-year evals and a committee that I’m part of and I’m going to be shadowing with supervisors on other floors so we can see how we can improve our processes on our floor and I’m there a bunch next week for interviews with my manager. I’m kicking myself for not asking for more money when I took the job because I’m truly spending a lot of unpaid time there (which is fine for right now because it counts for clinical hours, but I’m almost done with that) and I spend a lot of time driving 40 miles roundtrip for just a morning or an afternoon there. I still wish this job was longer term, but it’s not realistic for our family. But I have no plans to leave yet.
  5. I found a medical relief trip to Cambodia that I really want to go on. It’s 2 full weeks though and I haven’t asked my boss about it yet. I did ask my sister if she could come in town for a week to help with Jackson and she will know next week. If she can, I’ll approach it with my mom and then ask my boss. It’s at the end of September, so obviously, we’d push back the next baby until after I get home. But I’m dying to go to Cambodia and I’m dying to go on a medical relief trip, so I feel like it’s such a good opportunity! But, I think if that doesn’t work (because of how long it is), I’m going to try and do one this year no matter what. There are some in August that I could look at (Ethiopia!) so I really want to look into it… I’ve been really wanting to do medical relief for awhile and I just feel like it’s such an awesome way to use mix the two things that I love doing (traveling and nursing).

Time to go get some work done instead of blogging and looking up medical relief trips!

One thought on “Quick Updates

  1. I bet you cannot wait to finish up school. That’s exciting!!
    I have been back working out and running regularly again too and definitely noticing a difference already.
    Medical Relief trips seem incredible, my friend went on one in South Africa/ Kenya just after she became a registered nurse and it made me wish I’d done nursing. I hope you get to do one before baby 2.

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