Stealing this from Jessie’s blog since I figured it’s been a long time with no update, but Jackson is currently not napping so I’ll be going to get him in a sec.

Reading … Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare for my master’s program, although I did pick this book out. Also, I totally forgot that I spent $45 on this book. It’s a pretty good read.

Listening … Silence. And my child crying. We’ve actually had no TV on during the days this week and it’s been so nice and Jackson is playing so well by himself.

Watching … Well, as above, nothing much. Jon and I did finish 60 Days In which is a documentary type show in the Fulton Co (Atlanta) jail, but now we’re done with it. Bummer. So we’ll be going back to Naked and Afraid until we find something we both like. I’m also slowly but surely working on Call the Midwife.

Planning … VACATION! Jon and I decided that instead of flying into South Korea in May, we’ll fly into Tokyo and just fly to South Korea for 3 days instead. So, Japan will be the bulk of our trip. Time to start planning! We’re going to book tickets tonight and shockingly, it’s a direct flight from Atlanta and will only be 85,000 points per ticket (Delta Skymiles FTW!!!!!) so we’re flying for free. I’ll even have enough points left over easily for a domestic flight on my account, which is wonderful. I closed out my AMEX so I’m not accruing points anymore on my account and was hoping not to have a bunch randomly left over.

Browsing … Nothing other than Instagram and Facebook. Going to work on stopping the scroll though and getting away from my phone again though.

Sweating … Not this week! I did a quick 80 Day Obsession booty day this week but I’ve been using nap times for school this week, mornings for playdates, and afternoons with Jon. So, not much sweating is happening. Hoping to get in a workout tonight and tomorrow, but I’ll be back at the gym once I get home so I’m not too worried. I’m still back at CrossFit 1-2x per week at home and loving it. I’ve gotten SO much stronger in just the short period of time I’ve been back.

Loving … Slow days in Charleston with my boy! After working and daycare days all the time in Atlanta, I really like just coming to Charleston and having playdates galore, down time, snuggles, and just spending time with Jackson. He just gets better by the day and I love that I get to hang out with him.

Reminiscing … I’m too busy looking forward to GRADUATION in a month so there’s none of that around here!

One thought on “Currently…

  1. Hooray for graduation!

    60 days in was on A&E today when I was at Planet Fitness. I thought about watching it but ended up watching some local interest program, bleh. Now that I know I’ll have to look for it again for my elliptical time.

    I love the instagram posts of you and Jackson around Charleston!

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