Asheville Weekend Getaway

Hey-o. So, I’m considering switching back to my old blog. I had plans of making this one more public and organized but I just haven’t. The other day, I logged into my old blog and was pulling up all of my travel nursing posts and I just feel like I can’t get into this blog as much because I wanted it to be something that it isn’t. I’m just never going to be an organized blogger. I don’t want to shorten my long, rambling posts. I want to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want. And truly, I still don’t love blogging about traveling, even though traveling is my favorite thing in the word.

But, to get back to this post… I spent this past weekend in Asheville with Jon and Jackson. We were visiting my oldest sister who just moved there, Tonie. Tonie’s new house is so beautiful!

Weekend trips with a toddler are much different than they used to be! We ran to the store on Friday evening to grab some stuff for Jackson to eat and then hung out at the house.

Saturday morning, Tonie and I went to CrossFit while Jon and Jackson went to a playground. I did 18.2 (the Open workout) and ended up cleaning 100#. I was really surprised since I haven’t worked on my lifts in a LONG time and it was an ugly lift. Jon was laughing at the video Tonie got because I managed to split the lift into two distinct movements. But it’s just so crazy because I worked SO hard to be able to clean 100# in the past and to feel so weak now, and still be able to go clean 100# was eye opening.

We showered during Jackson’s nap and then headed downtown to eat. We ate at Farm Burger (there used to be one near our old condo so this isn’t a new place for us) and Jackson was such a brat in line. I swear, Jackson is so dang cute but he is definitely in a testing phase now and it seriously drives me insane. Thankfully he was pretty good while we ate, but boy does he know how to make a meal not relaxing at all.


Since walking around downtown doesn’t really work anymore, we stopped in a little rocky area downtown where Jackson could climb around and burn up some energy. Then we grabbed some coffee at High Five Coffee and headed back to Tonie’s for the evening.

He loves sharing my coffee with me.

We got up on Sunday morning to hike. I didn’t even bring a carrier to wear Jackson (I planned on it but forgot it) so we knew it had to be short. We settled on Moore Cove Falls and headed on out! Jackson did surprisingly well and held our hands most of the way out to the fall. He loved the waterfall, of course! I definitely think we need to start hiking with him more. The hike was 1.5 miles total and that was a good length with him. Had we been able to wear him, I think we could definitely go a little longer, but he was worn out from walking that as it was nearing his nap. He passed out as soon as we got in the car!


Jon had to leave when we got back and Jackson was still sound asleep. I normally do really well with the distance between us, but this weekend was hard. Jackson is getting older so he knows that Jon isn’t around. When I transferred him from the car to the bed, he started crying for Daddy before he fell asleep. When he woke up from his nap, he immediately started saying, “Get Daddy” and crying while he went to look for him. It just broke my heart and I couldn’t help but cry. Jackson is obsessed with Jon and Jon hates leaving when Jackson is awake since Jackson cries when he leaves, so it’s too hard for Jon to leave when he’s up. So Jon leaves during nap time but then Jackson always wants Daddy when he wakes up… It definitely makes me second guess accepting this job, because we would be two months from living together again if I hadn’t taken my new job. I just have to remind myself that this isn’t forever but man, is it hard at times.

Tonie and I took Jackson to the playground after his nap. It was such a perfect day and the playground near Tonie’s was so perfect for Jackson. A lot of high platforms for him to climb up, but they were surrounded so he couldn’t fall off. He had so much fun there!

We hung out on Sunday night and I did some schoolwork. The next morning, I woke up and had to rush to get packed since Jackson slept late and so did I. We left at 7:45 for an 8:30 workout at CrossFit. Everybody was repeating 18.2 so I ended up only rowing 3000m which isn’t really a workout in my book. I probably needed it though since I’ve been so sore from going back to CrossFit more often. More of an active rest day…

We went to brunch after the gym and ate pretty quickly.

Jackson and I headed back to Atlanta after that. He was perfect in the car. We ran errands when we got home and then I had to go get my eyes rechecked. Last night was the Bachelor so I sat and watched my show and then went to bed.

I was back at CrossFit this morning for a good workout. My goal right now is to go at least once a week, but some weeks I’ve been making it twice. I try to go to LA Fitness the other days that I’m not working and am aiming for 3-5 days a week at the gym. Totally depends on my week though. It has been so nice being back at CrossFit but it has really made me realize that my back is just so jacked up from pregnancy and pumping for so long. I have to hurry up and find a good chiropractor here and I’m even considering physical therapy for it.

Anyway, I should be off to get some work done. I have a presentation for a work class tomorrow and should get ahead on some school stuff. Thankfully I’ve had an easy semester so far, but April gets much busier with deadlines. But then I’m DONE FOREVER!!!!

8 thoughts on “Asheville Weekend Getaway

  1. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your husband and the father of your child living in a different state hours apart. You guys are strong for surviving this long. Will Jon be moving back down to Atlanta later on?

    Pumping breast milk make your back ache????


    1. Jon probably won’t ever move back here. I’ll most likely leave my job here at the end of my pregnancy (when I get pregnant) and go out there to be together. We are looking at moving to Jacksonville or out west if any jobs open up with his company though, so the next few years are a little uncertain.

      Pumping made my back hurt because I’d lean forward to reset my bottles on my legs so I could use my hands to squeeze the milk out of my boobs. So after hours of that a day, I wrecked my back!


  2. I loved all your pics from Asheville. It looked like you guys had a wonderful time and I’m glad you got to be together as a family. It has to be hard being in ATL and having Jon here. I wish you were here because I could recommend a good chiro for you (well, active release guy). I did start seeing a new massage therapist who I really like, and I’m seeing a new PT next week. I tried a traditional chiro and was not impressed- I will stick with Dr. Jimerson.

    I think you should keep up your blog style and write however you want. It’s your blog. There’s a way to export and maybe move posts if you wanted to do that but I’m not quite sure how to do it.


    1. I’d probably have to hire somebody to export posts, haha. You should have seen me just learning how to resize images on this Mac! I can’t even figure out how to do anything now with my blog either!

      I liked my chiro in Charleston BUT I think I need something more. When I make it back there, I’ll have to see who you use. I’m going today and the office was recommended by CrossFit people, so hopefully they’re good. One of the doctors there specializes in pregnancy/postpartum too and is also a doula, so I HOPE it helps. Still thinking about PT too!


      1. The only chiro I’ve seen and liked (who is still in Charleston) is Dr. Jimerson. He is more of an active release therapy guy and not a traditional chiro. I think you’d like Jimerson. He is a lifter and works with a lot of triathletes, runners, lifters, athletes in general. He’s helped a TON of Charleston area athletes recover from injuries.

        My PT is Dean Volk, he is new in town and establishing his practice here. I just saw him for the first time on Tuesday.


        1. I was just thinking of trying to find a new one for Jon. Maybe I’ll have him try Dr. Jimerson. He likes our chiro but I think he’s pretty conservative and Jon needs some serious work. I’m not even sure the difference between chiro and active release but maybe I’ll look it up! I am LOVING my new one here!


  3. I saw your photos of the hike on IG it looked gorgeous!!!
    It must be tough not being together, a few of my friends have husbands that work offshore on oil rigs they are away for 3-4weeks then back home for 2weeks and my friends always say it’s hard re-adjusting both ways when they leave and when they come back again! Just keep saying reminding yourself it’s not forever!!
    I’m loving that you are back to crossfit and awesome job on that #100


    1. It is hard to adjust to him being here for sure and it’s hard when I get there to visit too. Our lives are already in a rhythm! I feel guilty taking time for myself when Jon’s here too, since I feel like we need to be spending time together as a family.

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