Life Is Calming Down

Life has calmed down, kind of! At least the stress of it. I had a call about my Capstone project with my professor and we got rid of the stressful step and I think I can kind of skate on by now. I’ll put some time into it of course, but I just don’t think it’ll really be successful right now so I’m not killing myself over it.

My actual schedule has been really busy but I’m okay with it. The semester is way more manageable this time around since there aren’t any papers, so I feel pretty balanced. And despite having a lot of classes for work, they are shorter days typically so I can fit the gym in.

I’m back with the gym consistently, FINALLY! I went back to CrossFit this past week and have decided that I’m definitely going to pick it back up. My old coach commented on how much muscle I’ve lost and I definitely feel it big time. I was just telling Jon that a few days ago too. It’s not realistic to add it back in regularly yet, but hopefully in March I’ll have some more time.

I also took my day off this past week to just relax. I went to the gym, had coffee and crepes, and then picked my boy up from daycare early and we went on a long walk. It was so needed.

I feel like Jon and I worked some things out this weekend and I am past my overly emotional phase. Sometimes I think I just need a good cry and a reminder that we’re in this together and we love each other, and everything falls into place.

I’ll be so glad to be done with school and have time to blog and work on my own job and just enjoy having some slower days. Except we won’t have slow days right away because…

WE ARE GOING TO SOUTH KOREA AND JAPAN! It’s not booked yet but I requested my time off and I’m hoping to get it booked this weekend. We had to firm up dates and check in with our friends (Adam and Jessie) that we’re going to visit. I’m really excited, even though South Korea has never been on my list to visit and while Japan definitely is, it’s not at the top of my list. But who cares! It’s going to be so fun.

I also plan to take a besties and babies trip this summer with Kass, Eleanor, and Gina, so I’m looking forward to that! Probably somewhere close because of the babies…

And Jon and I are talking about Scotland this year too. With Jackson, which would be a first for us! If that doesn’t happen, we are most definitely making it to Quebec City because I’m dying to go there. If we can get to 3 countries this year, I’ll finally be at 20 countries that I’ve visited and MOST of them have been pretty extensively traveled (via road trips or train). My goal is 40 before 40, so a long way to go.

Anyway, it’s almost 9pm and I need to go shower and relax for a bit. I just finished up a Powerpoint for school and should really be at the hospital around 8 for a project I’m doing in my unit (not for school). I want to get my stuff done in the morning so I can dip out to the gym before a class for work at 1pm. But we’ll see how the actually goes!

5 thoughts on “Life Is Calming Down

  1. A babies and besties trip sounds like so much fun. I love how you make travelling and life for yourself and Jon- and having and maintaining friendships- a priority even with Jackson. Glad your life is calming down and you’re able to go to the gym between school and work and you’re not injured anymore!


  2. I’m so jealous about Japan! That has been in my list for so long but with the expensive flight and Japan being an expensive country itself, it has just not been feasible.

    If you continue to hit atleast 2-3 countries a year like you have been doing, you will for sure hit that 40 before 40. I’ve only been 5 countries, I’m so jelly!

    I don’t even want to think how much muscle I have lost, I feel you on that!


      1. Well when they get a bit older, you can send then to a camp for like 2-4 weeks in the summer and still travel and teach them some indepence haha. Or leave them with their grandparents for a week if they dont mind lol. Parents can have it all too, just not all the time ha.


        1. I hadn’t even thought about camps! My mom retires in 6 years so I’m counting on that! I figure by then, they’ll be in school normal hours (or daycare at least) and they can come visit us for 2 weeks or we can send our kids to their house and fly out of Atlanta (since I doubt we’ll live here). We’ll just have a few years where we won’t be able to travel as much!


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