Actual Christmas 2017

Jackson is FINALLY napping! WOOHOO! We’ve had two napless days around here and he was so freaking tired this morning and fighting his nap, but he finally fell asleep. I feel like I just won the lottery. I can’t decide if I should nap, do schoolwork, clean, or watch Call the Midwife. Or blog, apparently.

I had big plans of finishing up Iceland posts but haven’t. I did upload over 500 photos to Facebook though of Iceland. I’m going to try and upload that whole Facebook album to Shutterfly and make it a vacation album. I want to make sure the quality is okay once it’s uploaded from Facebook though.

I DID finally finish Jon’s Father’s Day album (just a few months late). I need to start on the next one since it took my a full year to finish the last one and I have even more pictures of Jackson this year because he’s just getting cuter and cuter. I’ve also made a tiny bit of headway on some school stuff for the spring but I seriously cannot wait to just have this Capstone project behind me and have my master’s degree. I’m also thrilled to have tuition payments over with! Debt free master’s degree *PARTY HATS*

In other news, I never made it to Florida for Christmas. I got home from work around 8 on Thursday night and went to bed, so I had all of our packing left for Friday morning. Jackson woke up sounding like he was gagging twice on Thursday night but went back to sleep okay. He barely ate Friday morning, but I asked my dad to sit with him while I packed. Jackson was totally happy and started drifting off as soon as we got on the road (3hrs and 15 minutes of packing later, and 4 attempts at leaving the house later…).

And then he threw up. The only good part is that I was just on the south side of Atlanta and hadn’t made it too far. I tried to call Gina since I was right by her house but she was at the zoo. I called Jon panicking over what to do now. In the end, I threw a blanket under Jackson (NOT safe!) to keep him out of his huge puddle of throw up, stripped him down to his diaper, and blasted the heat to keep him warm on our way back home. He never acted sick still, but I didn’t know how we’d make it to Florida like that.

I got home, bathed him, spent 1 1/2 hours cleaning out the carseat and my car (and then another $110 detailing it on Sunday), and of course, unpacked EVERYTHING I had spent hours packing. My dad told me how Jackson ate so well and I was like, “He only ate half of his oatmeal and he always finishes it” and my dad was like, “But when I was feeding it to him, he ate so well!” Ugh. No wonder he threw up! Can’t spoon feed a kid who is clearly not interested in eating.

Jon decided to just come to Atlanta for the weekend since I was over the whole packing ordeal and did not want to deal with that on Saturday morning (not to mention that it rained on Saturday so I couldn’t get my car detailed and I couldn’t get the vomit smell out).

We had a super low key weekend. I had brunch with Gina and Laura on Saturday. I was really excited to be able to get together with them unexpectedly because I still rarely see friends. It was a pretty quick little hangout session, but still much needed.

We tried to find something to do on Saturday night but I wasn’t feeling great for some reason and Jon and I were both tired.

My parents went to Asheville on Sunday so we were alone at the house. We had my rings checked at Zales for the warranty and walked around the mall in the morning and then hung out at home in the afternoon. Everything was closed for Christmas Eve anyway!

We came back to Charleston on Christmas. It was an uneventful day, obviously… I had Jon drive Jackson back so I just got to relax on the drive. It was wonderful! Jackson is always good in the car but when I’m by myself, I can drink whatever I want because I don’t have to worry about if Jackson will be napping when I stop to pee. I don’t have to look at him or entertain him. I just relax and listen to music and drink my coffee. When we got in town, I went to my old gym (it’s a 24/7 gym so I used Jon’s key card to swipe in) and only 2 other people were there. I had such a good workout and got to use the cables. I rarely use the cable machine if people are around because I get kind of shy with it since I don’t have as much experience with it, but I’m working on it!

I’ve been kind of bored in Charleston this time around but it has been kind of nice! My neighbor just had a baby 10 days ago, so her family is in town so I haven’t seen her yet. My other friend is still in Florida visiting her family, but gets back today. But Jon and I leave tomorrow for Florida since we missed it last weekend and then we come back Monday. I plan to go back to Atlanta on Thursday since I work on Friday so I’m not sure how much of them I’ll get to see.


This is what 2 nap free days look like!

I took Jackson for a coffee date this morning and it was so sweet. He surprisingly did really well, although we didn’t get to sit and relax much. I’m trying to work on getting him to sit in his chair while we’re out and just behave. The place we went was super easy with a kid though since it’s spacious, not crowded, and nobody was working in there so  I didn’t feel bad if Jackson was talking loudly about “fahfee.”

I’m definitely not used to staying home with him anymore and it’s been really cold here so we can’t spend a ton of time outside… We visited the Children’s Museum briefly yesterday but it is so packed with school being out. Everybody must have taken their grandparents that are all in town for the holidays because I swear there were 4 adults for every child. We also went to Barnes & Noble since the one near us has a pretty decent kid area. We’re running out to pick up Jon’s license plate today from his old car (he forgot to take it when he sold his Tahoe and apparently there is a fine in SC for not returning plates) and then I have a massage at my chiropractor tonight! CAN’T WAIT!





3 thoughts on “Actual Christmas 2017

  1. Oh man I felt for you when you said he’d vomited over your car, my friends kid done that one day we were taking them to zoo it was awful! I guess it meant you got extra time to catch up with your friends though… silver lining!


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