Christmasy Updates

It has been a super busy month around here. What was planned to be a nice, relaxing month, ended up being packed full.

I accepted a new job, so I’ve been balancing my old job and my new job for the month. I’m now a part-time supervisor on our observation unit (falls under the emergency department, but separate manager and totally separate unit). I have my first day alone on Thursday but my job title doesn’t switch until January 1st. I’m really excited for the new job, but at the same time, a little bummed that this means I’ll be in Atlanta longer, away from Jon. Since it’s part-time, I’ll be able to spend more time in Charleston, especially once school is out in April, but it’s still tough to know we have at least another year of this back and forth! But really, once school is out, part-time is golden. I’ll do two 12 hour shifts a week and have one day still that I will probably intern (resume builder) and then I’ll be free to do whatever! I have a feeling I’ll spend a lot more time with Jackson once school is out and I’m really looking forward to that!

Other than that, I spent a weekend snowed in and I spent a weekend celebrating Christmas in Atlanta! Since Jon and I aren’t doing Christmas with my family, we got it in early. I leave this Friday for Jacksonville to go do Christmas with Jon’s family and then on Monday, I’ll head back to Charleston until the 4th.

Christmas is so much more fun with a kid! I had big plans of not buying many gifts, but somehow we ended up with quite a few. My big purchase was a kitchen set (on super Black Friday sale!) and he loves it! The stove makes noise when you put a pan or a pot of water on it (has to be the ones that go to it, obviously) and he thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. I also bought a Thomas the Train track that was kind of a disappointment since it only has one train that is battery operated (otherwise it doesn’t move at all), but Jackson totally loves it. The kid is obsessed with Thomas lately so it was a good choice! Between the kitchen set and the train, he has been awfully entertained with his new toys! Oh, and his new backpack that he insists on wearing all over the house. We had planned on making cookies and having a big Christmas day with Jackson, but my mom, who never gets sick, was sick all day so Jon and I took Jackson to the outlet mall to walk around since it was nice in the afternoon.

I finally made it back to the gym! My ankle still bothers me quite a bit so I can no longer walk inclines and I can’t do a lot of lower body moves. I can squat comfortably and I plan on deadlifting today, but that’s really about it. Anything else causes pain with flexion but I feel like it’s going to be a pretty chronic issue. The ortho doctor recommended physical therapy so I may try that, or he said that he could do an injection but I don’t want that. So I’m making it work for now and just doing quick, easy workouts to ease back into things and I’ve been so sore this week. I think I’m going to try to start really working on flexibility in 2018 since I’m so inflexible naturally and I think increasing my mobility would maybe help prevent injuries. I think I’m going to actually try to go to yoga once a week and maybe even follow some yoga videos off Beachbody and then just spend more time stretching in general. I was watching my dad put his shoes on for work the other day and he can barely get his foot crossed up on his leg anymore when he’s sitting- that can’t be me. (My dad is also 70, but still!)

I was going to add some cute Christmas pictures of my boy, but I had to take my cat to the vet (he needs a toe amputation due to osteomyelitis- FUN- and expensive) and then I had to spend FOREVER on the phone with USAA to sort out our automatic payments and find out that South Carolina had a rate increase and our car insurance is now $500 more a YEAR. So now I need to change and grab some food to head to a meeting at the hospital.


6 thoughts on “Christmasy Updates

  1. Congrats on the new job but bleh for being so busy! Glad you guys are having a good Christmas too and that Jackson loves the Thomas the train set and the kitchen. The kids toys are so cute these days.

    If you ever want to do yoga here in Charleston, come with me to the Soul studio in WA. It is only $5 to drop in on Fridays and the instructors are all really great there. They have a $5 class on Saturday too.


    1. I’d probably have to do a Saturday class since I have Jackson during the week! But I would totally do it! If you go on Saturday though, you can’t laugh at how much I can’t do, haha. I always feel like I’m dying because my posterior chain is SO TIGHT!


      1. Yeah, unfortunately no childcare there like at gyms. Clay just joined that new gym, The Zoo. I’m still with Planet. The Saturday class is at 12:15 and rotates instructors, but it’s generally a vinyasa flow class (and not heated). I went to hot yoga tonight, though, and it was great!


  2. I always feel like December is crazy busy!!! That sounds hectic but congrats on the new job!!! A year sounds like a long time but I just can’t believe how quick 2017 has passed by so just keep thinking that!!!
    I really want to work on yoga in 2018 too, I was getting into hot yoga early on this year and stupidly stopped (because I was paying 2 other gym memberships) and now I’m so inflexible it’s ridiculous!

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  3. Children will make Christmas more exciting. We had a few years in the family when there wasnt much children and the Christmas tree started to dwendle, but now with my cousins having babies, there’s so much presents under the Christmas tree again.

    You can try vinyasa yoga, it’s at a much faster pace and there isn’t much of the meditating aspect. I prefer vinyasa more than other type cause of it. A lot of yoga studios have offer periods and some are free. Lifting is suppose to help with flexibility, I know when I was working out consistantly, I was starting to get pretty flexible.


    1. I feel like lifting does nothing for my flexibility! I tend to stretch after lifting so I get somewhat more flexible, but not much. I know there is another yoga that is supposed to just be stretching and my friends have said I should try that but I haven’t! Usually the ones I’ve been to at my regular gym are more of a stretching kind, which I like. They’re at 8pm though and I don’t want to be out till 9 on a work night, hah.


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