Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Monday! It’s been such a good week!

Pretty last minute, my entire family decided to come to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. I actually had to work on Thanksgiving day and that was the only real chunk of time my whole family could be together, so I was bummed. Then I got somebody to cover my afternoon, but then she had childcare problems. But I was in my director’s office (for school stuff) when I got the text that my coworker had to cancel on me and my director said I could still have off at 3.

I ended up getting out at 11am! I was so excited. I got home on Thanksgiving and napped for a little bit until Jackson woke up from his nap. My oldest brother, KJ, got in town right when I got up. My other brother, Jake, and his girlfriend came over a little after that. And then my two sisters (Annie and Tonie) were there too and my nephew, Patrick (Annie’s son).

I’m so not a holiday person but it was so much fun this year. It’s been 17 years since the family has been together so it was so awesome having us all in one place. We had a delicious dinner and hung out in the family room.

IMG_3565 copy
Thanksgiving 2017. DSLRs are too confusing for newbies, so this was the best photo we got.

We hung out around the house Friday morning and then went to the park in the afternoon. It was packed at the park! I guess everybody had the same idea, but it was so nice out so we had to get out and do something. After we got home, KJ made jambalaya for dinner and it was so good (he’s a chef in New Orleans).

On Saturday, I ran to Costco with Annie and Tonie. I got a new external hard drive and am FINALLY in the process of uploading all of my photos again and transferring them to my external hard drives. I have everything on my old one now, but need to transfer all 68,000 of my photos to my new one. I’m halfway done! Then I think I might spend more time writing about trip recaps. My 4 terabyte hard drive was only $95. That’s what I paid for my 2TB one a few years back! I almost got a 6, but it’s way bigger and I need a new fireproof safe for them. I also think I might try to back up to a Google Drive. I just started backing up schoolwork to the Google Drive. Okay, this is boring… Hah.

IMG_3590 copy
Family photo win #2.Β 

We spent the rest of the afternoon putting up the Christmas tree!!!! My dad really didn’t want to so I thought it wasn’t going to happen, but we convinced my mom that we should. Our weekends are alternating until Christmas (and then we’ll be in Jacksonville) so there was no other time. Like I said, I’m not a holiday person, but having a kid totally changes things. I want all things Christmas! Jackson was so cute putting ornaments on the tree and now I want to put one up in Charleston too since we’re here all week and will be back right after Christmas. I want Christmas music and Christmas movies and the whole season is just so fun! Give me all the Santa PJs for Jackson! Our tree photos are still on my camera and I have 0 space on my computer until I finish transferring photos, so you can’t see those yet. Except for like, two from my mom’s phone.

IMG_3603 copy
I mean, SO CUTE!!!!!!

But anyway, our whole family watched Gremlins on Saturday night. I remember being so scared of that movie when I was younger and always feeling so bad for Gizmo, so it was so weird watching it as an adult. The movie was totally not what I remembered.

Excited tree photo.

My MAIN GOAL for my holiday break is to get my album for Jon done for this past Father’s Day. I swear I’m almost done but I’ve been dragging my feet.

IMG_3626 copy

Everybody except Tonie was leaving Sunday, so we chilled around the house in the morning. Jon and Jackson headed back to Charleston around 10 and I hung out with my sisters (KJ flew out earlier). Then I went to Lizzie’s to say goodbye to her since she’s moving. I stayed and packed up the truck with her and her mom for awhile, so I had a long, late drive back to Charleston. I hate that it’s dark so early!

I got in and got some stuff done around the house around ten and then we got in bed. I couldn’t sleep. Ugh.

Today I ran to Wal-Mart with Jackson for some slippers for his cold little feet. He was so cute there (probably because I put a new hat on him and let him wear his slippers in the cart). I think we’ll play outside this afternoon and I need to scan some documents in for school. Once I submit my scanned documents, I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER! I need to register for Spring and that’ll be my last tuition payment! Hallelujah! I definitely didn’t choose the most expensive MSN program out there, but still, cannot wait to save this money instead of spend it on tuition. If only I could get rid of daycare tuition now! That’d be the real money saver!

I have no idea what our week holds. We’re just chilling in Charleston until Monday. I will probably see Lisa and Nora and Ashley and CJ. It’s so nice out! I want to go downtown and see the train set up at the Charleston Place Hotel (I might totally have that name wrong!) and I’m sure we’ll do a Children’s Museum day.

I should also find out what’s wrong with my ankle soon. I called to make an appointment and the lady said that my ortho doctor’s PA should be calling me with results and letting me know if I need to come back, so hopefully she calls soon. If not today, I’m going to call tomorrow and try to get an update since it’s supposed to be 2-3 days for results and I’m inpatient! I’m so ready to get back to the gym now.

Anyway, time to go start working on Jon’s album or scanning documents. I need to actually be productive this month instead of being lazy while I’m out of school. I have to prepare quite a bit for my Capstone project in Spring, so I’ll be working on that and continuing my internship this month!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2017

  1. The train display is up- I saw on Facebook that a friend took her kiddo. Also, if you don’t have the free parking voucher, be sure to print a few off and keep them in your car. Here is the link:

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and your whole family got to spend it together. All the pics on FB were great, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday and I’m glad it worked out with work, even if you had to go in for a little while. I didn’t even realize you had two brothers- I knew about Annie, Tonie, and Jake but don’t ever remember reading about KJ.


    1. KJ comes to visit every like, 5 years at the most and we never go down there, so I probably don’t talk about him a ton! He exists though πŸ™‚ Him and Tonie are my half siblings. Thanks for the parking voucher! I’ll print them off! Totally forgot about that!


      1. It’s cool- the parking voucher just started on Friday. I always have a few in my car this month, but it is only good at certain garages too. Seems like fewer and fewer garages participate each year.


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