Weekend Recap: Work, Walks, & Lights

Hey-o! Happy Monday! It’s been awhile since I’ve actually updated on a Monday! I’m actually about to finish up my clinical log for the semester since I need to get my preceptor to sign off on it tomorrow and I work tonight! Uuuughhh. I have my MRI at 2:30 and am heading to work right after, until 11pm.

I’m so excited about Thanksgiving this week! I don’t talk about my family a ton, but I’m the youngest of 5 kids (my oldest 2 are my half brother and half sister). It’s been 17 years since we’ve all been together and everybody decided to come stay at my parent’s house over Thanksgiving! Except my brother works in a restaurant, my dad works at a hardware store, and I work in a hospital, so we all have to work various hours. It wasn’t going to overlap for all of us to be together for any real chunk of time (like, an hour max, if that) but my friend is going to work at 3pm for me on Thanksgiving! So I get to have a REAL holiday meal with my WHOLE family! We moved away from my relatives when I was 8, so the BIG holidays we’ve had are few and far between. I’m super excited to have everybody together and this will actually be the first time Jon is meeting KJ (my oldest brother- his name is actually Ken, but we’re the only ones who still call him KJ).

I had a decent weekend. I worked all day Saturday on the new unit that I’ll be on. It was pretty good. A totally different environment than the ER, but still good. I’m excited and it’ll be kind of nice to split up my shift between two places. But in the ER, I’m used to getting a quick 3 minute report and I’m out of there by 7:10 at the LATEST. I didn’t leave the hospital until 7:40 and it takes me 45 minutes to drive home. After getting up at 5:10, that’s a long day. That little bit of time makes a huge difference, especially since I was hoping to go out for dinner with Jon but was too exhausted when I got home.

Jon and I watched Bloodline when I got home for a bit. It was a bit of an off night with Jon. We’re definitely in a bit of a tough patch because we both have our own things going on and weekends are not super relaxing for either of us. I also feel guilty getting “me time” over weekends since it’s the only time we get as a family, but I have a child all week too and am super busy. I can’t just leave Jackson all the time, so it leaves me feeling a little spread thin. But I love my job and I love my internship and I don’t want to do less.

Anyway, Sunday morning was cold! I always lay in bed on weekends since Jon gets up with Jackson, so I snuggled in my warm bed! Until 7:20, haha. My how times have changed! I shared a fah-fee with Jackson (he actually probably did get a few sips in- I swear he’s the only toddler who likes coffee) and then we went outside for a walk in the cold weather.

It’s so fun to watch the excitement that kids have. Jackson gets so excited about leaves and running up the hills in the neighborhood. It’s so cute.



After his nap, I took Jackson over to see Laura and her parents (she was there making bread). We hung out for about an hour and a half. Jackson was pretty good, but our times of sitting at the table and chatting over coffee are totally over. I was playing with toys with Jackson and following him around the house.

And that was really my weekend. Hung out at home, did schoolwork, watched some TV last night… Barely slept and now I am EXHAUSTED. I’m hoping to squeeze in a nap since I’ll be up way past my bedtime tonight and I have a busy day tomorrow, so no sleeping in!

I know this is blurry but how cute are his PJs and his face?! So excited about “LAAAAA-EEETS!”

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Work, Walks, & Lights

  1. I love the pics! I bet Jackson will be so cute waking up in those PJs on Christmas morning too. So glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with your whole family together. I know you guys live in different states too (at least that your sister lives near Green Bay or somewhere?) so it has to be tough not spending holidays together. Glad you get to this year.

    I hope the MRI goes well. Ugh for being injured because I’m right there with ya.


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