Life Updates: Charleston, Jobs, Family!

Do I even still have a blog?! Seriously! I miss blogging and updating the world on my boring life. I miss talking about my food and the gym and Jackson and my work and everything else.

But TWO WEEKS until this semester is over. I should be writing papers and working on an e-portfolio but I will in like, five minutes. I’ve gotten totally lazy about school lately. I went to Charleston last week to visit Jon and instead of doing any school work, I pretended I was living that school-free life and watched a ton of TV during naps and Jon and I watched the entire first season of Bloodline. So, now I’m paying for my laziness. But I’m pretty confident that I’ll get a 4.0 again this semester, so I’m not too stressed.

My visit to Charleston was so nice. I hadn’t been back since August since France was thrown into the October mix and made it tough to get back there. It was strange walking back into our house there. I was only there for six months, but it feels like home. Isn’t it strange how that happens? Home is where my husby is!

I had five WHOLE days in Charleston, so that was awesome! We spent Saturday morning at the outlets since we just wanted to go walk around outside. W went to Magnolia Plantation in the afternoon for the petting zoo. If you take non-perishable food, you get a free ticket from November-February, so we took advantage of that deal (it’s $20 per ticket otherwise!). Jackson tried to touch a goat’s foot as soon as we walked in and the goat kind of bucked, so Jackson was scared the whole time. It was a lot of fun though and we spent awhile there!


Sunday morning, we decided to walk around downtown. I wanted Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit and you guys, it took an HOUR to get our biscuits. An entire HOUR. We took turns walking around with Jackson and once we finally ate our biscuits, we headed to Tricera for some coffee. I love their coffee so much, but after multiple visits there, it’s safe to say that a bunch of rude people work there and they don’t have any idea what customer service is.

We went to the beach on Sunday afternoon, even though it was cold. But I’m not passing up a beach trip! It was still a ton of fun and a bunch of wind surfers (is that’s what they’re called) were out there with their parachutes and Jackson loved it.


I had a playdate on Monday with Lisa and Nora. I loved getting together again with them. I have been so busy with work life in Atlanta that I haven’t had time to build relationships with moms who have kids Jackson’s age, and it was just so nice to sit on the couch and drink tea with Lisa while our toddlers played together (Nora is a month older than Jackson).

On Tuesday, I met Lisa and Nora at the Children’s Museum. The kids did their own things for a bit at first but then they were finally both content in the toddler room, so I got to sit and chat again with Lisa. It was dreary at home so I had Jackson sit and watch Teen Mom with me after nap time (#guiltypleasure). I never watch TV when he’s awake, but I was too lazy to care that day.

I met with a babysitter for him on Wednesday so that we have some backup if we decide to keep Jackson in Charleston for a week.

And that was my visit there. This is getting long, so let me keep my other life updates short.

My Job: I applied for a supervisor position in our obs unit, but I have a feeling it won’t work out. If I could work 3 12 hour shifts, I would have the job. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. I had been waiting to see what schedule we could work out, but I just don’t think it’s realistic without putting a ton of responsibility on my mom (no thanks). One of the supervisors from the emergency department just became the manager of the observation unit yesterday, so I plan to use her as my preceptor a lot next semester to get a feel for a manager role. I also think I’m going to fill in as charge on her unit, so I’m starting to orient this Saturday for that role. I have a feeling that I’ll be spending a lot of unpaid time at the hospital to build my resume as best as I can without actually taking on the title of a new role. But I love it. I am so glad that I decided to get my master’s degree in this because I really do love doing this.


Unfortunately, jobs in SC are not looking good. The only staff jobs are nights and weekends. No days. No leadership positions. I have a feeling I’m going to hang onto this job over the next year and do a lot of back and forth and work on building up my resume before I officially move back to Charleston for good. And I’m hoping that something opens up with Jon’s company back in Atlanta or down in Jacksonville, where jobs are plentiful! Ideally, I think a supervisor role would be the best until our kids get into school, but finding that job in a new city is going to be tough, especially when Charleston is apparently inundated with dayshift nurses.

Weekend Fun: Gina hosted a Friendsgiving this weekend. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out for some fun without Jackson, so it was really good. Kassie and Laura couldn’t make it, but it was so fun to just get together with her other friends (I know them all after enough gatherings there) and eat delicious food! Jon and I went to Billy and Crista’s afterwards. The guys drank beer and had a bonfire and Crista and I sat inside and caught up. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen Crista!


My Foot: Still in a boot. Still have pain if I’m not in my boot. I have an MRI on Monday. Haven’t been working out at all but after the semester is over, I plan to try and figure out a way to work out still.

Jackson: The cutest. He talks now and says so many cute words. Fire, box, hot, hat, cracker, milk, oatmeal, bath, the list is endless! I still miss spending time with him but I’ve been hanging out in the mornings with him for awhile before taking him to daycare when I can, and the time in Charleston with him was definitely much needed! I’m heading back to Charleston after Thanksgiving for a week, so I’ll soak up more time with my cutest ginger.


6 thoughts on “Life Updates: Charleston, Jobs, Family!

  1. Yay for the update! I am so sorry you’re in the boot though. Another one of my friends posted a picture of her foot in a boot and it makes me so sad. She’s a runner, and I know you don’t run, but you do work out a lot and a boot limits that. Plus it just limits everything- you never realize how much walking and moving you do until you can’t.

    Glad things are going well in ATL and with school! I haven’t been to Callie’s yet but am not surprised it was crowded. Downtown’s been busy lately. All the Christmas decorations are up on King Street now though. If you’re around at Christmas, this really is a fun place during the holidays and you need to take Jackson to the Charleston Place hotel to see the train display!


    1. You told me about that last year and we never made it! I bet he would LOVE that! I’m actually coming back on Nov 27-Dec 3, so I hope the train will be up then! We could take him over the first weekend in Dec. Callie’s isn’t the BEST biscuits ever, but I really like them. Jon isn’t that impressed with them either. I normally go around 8:45 during the week and it takes about 15 minutes total.

      Thankfully, I can walk just fine in the boot and it doesn’t stop me from moving around comfortably. I think my body is used to it too from being in it for so long last year, because I haven’t had all the hip, back, and knee pain I did last time around. I miss working out though, although I’m getting to the lazy phase where I don’t even want to go back to working out :/ (I will- it just takes WAY more motivation once this phase sets in.)


  2. Glad that youre loving what youre doing with your master. Hopefully Jon can get a position back in Altanta so you can stay working at your hospital.

    Foot pains are the worst, mine hasnt healed and I want to at least do yoga but I cant put pressure on it. Hopefully we both heal quick!


    1. Have you seen the doctor? I can’t remember if I updated on it, but they said there was nothing obviously broken, so I guess we’ll at least find out with the MRI WHY I’m still having pain! I think I would be okay to start lifting again since it’s fine unless I’m flexing it, but I worry so much about making it worse! I think Atlanta is an unlikely option in the next year, so I have a feeling we’ll be headed to Charleston 😦 I’ll keep hoping though!


      1. I have seen the doctor back when I got the injury in September. They told me I had a sprain and blood under the nail and didn’t drain it. They then gave me shoe like a boot to wear. But since then, I dropped a steel rod on that same foot and the nailed turned black. But the nail is growing so I say it’s okay haha. I just don’t have the money to continue seeing doctors and most of them suck and wave me off. I still have pain at the toe joint and the nail. Only shoes I can wear are Uggs cause theyre so big they dont put pressure on the toe.

        Hopefully the MRI won’t reveal anything awful! Could be something sprained you’re putting pressure on not knowing it? Yeah, I’ve been patient about going back to the gym cause of the same fears making it worse and then having to be out and in pain even longer.


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