Weekend/Week Recap

Will I ever get my Weekend Recaps done on time?! Ugh. Actually, I do occasionally, but this week I’m slacking and was about to put this off again!


I worked until 7pm on Friday (new norm- always working until 7pm on Fridays!)! I had totally planned on going to the gym after work, but nope. Instead, I ate a sandwich from Newks and waited for Jon to get to me!

Jon got in around 8:30 and we literally went to bed almost right after he got here. I was so tired from three full days of working and Mommin’.


As usual, I got up and went to LA Fitness on Saturday morning. I really wish I could get to CrossFit on Saturday mornings, but the class starts at 9am and that’s just too late for me. I’m typically in a hurry on Saturday mornings. The gym was followed by Whole Foods and then a super quick shower before heading out the door.

Jon and I took Jackson to Gina’s house for a brunch. We were set to get there around noon, so we left at 11 so Jackson could get in a nap in the car. He was sound asleep so we took a super long way to Gina’s and arrived at 12:20ish.

I made scrambled eggs and then Kassie, Billy, and Ellie (their daughter) got there. Laura was there when we got there. We all chatted and laughed about how our hangout sessions have changed so much from partying downtown to having brunch with our babies.

Jon and I got home around 4:30 and got Jackson some dinner. I did some schoolwork while Jon and Jackson got in some daddy/son time. My oldest sister, Tonie, got to our house in the evening and we all hung out for a little while before putting Jackson to bed.

After bedtime, Jon and I ended up working on planning France. We have two more AirBnBs to go (in Dijon and Paris) but are all set other than that! The trip is going to be crazy busy!

Bedtime on Saturday was early, as always. Like, the whole house was in bed by ten.


Another gym morning! Tonie wanted to go work out too, so I got some company! Except she just wanted to run, so I ended up doing legs alone. We got home from the gym and it was another mad dash to get ready!

Jon and I left around 11:30 again so that Jackson could nap on the way to the Braves game! Jon and I have been going to the Home Openers for years. We actually took Jackson to the game last year since it was the last Home Opener at Turner Field but it was a disaster! We decided to leave him home for the Home Opener this year, but we knew we had to take him to at least one game this year!

IMG_9876 copy

Baseball games with one year olds are not easy! Jackson loved it and thought the lights and sounds were great, but he also wouldn’t sit still. He wanted to climb up and down the stairs nonstop and he was just all over the place! We were at the stadium for less than two hours before we decided to give up! There was an astroturf field out front with fountains that we hung out in for awhile. Jackson loved splashing his feet in the water.

IMG_9912 copy
I was laughing here because Jackson is super over-protective of Jon and pushed me away when Jon had him between us. When Jon moved him to the outside, I put my hand on Jon’s chest and Jackson pushed my hand off of Jon and said, “Nooo!”

IMG_9888 copy

IMG_9908 copy

Anyway, the game was fun! We got home around five and my mom was making dinner, so we hung out until it was ready. Jon had a business dinner to go to, so he left while I did bedtime and hung out with the family.


I was babysitting for Ellie on Monday, so after Jackson’s drop off at daycare, I headed over to Kassie’s house. I hung out with Ellie for five hours and we got in our snuggles while I reminded myself why I love toddlers (Ellie is three months old and she was so good, but I just love the interactive toddler phase!).

Once I was relieved of babysitting duties, I picked up Tonie and we headed out to the gym! We worked out together and it was my first gym workout with a person in so long! It was fun, but I prefer to superset everything and get everything done super fast. I rarely rest during a workout unless I’m doing heavier lifts. I’m sore today though, so at least I got a good workout in!

Tonie and I picked Jackson up from daycare. He was good for about a half hour and then lost his shit! I put him to bed at 6:30 and the kid fell right to sleep! I hung out with Tonie and filed my fingernails and my toenails and finally took a shower and folded diapers and made lunches (the life!).

I had a team call for the health and wellness business at 9pm last night! I haven’t been hopping on the team calls lately because I’ve just been so busy, but it was nice to get on. It totally motivated me and made me want to get back into the business, but then reality hit this morning at 5:40 when I remembered I don’t have time right now!

I was so excited to get in bed!


Intern day! Becky (my preceptor) forgot about me this morning and was in meetings all morning, so I sat in her office and did homework from 8:30-11:30. It was glorious! I did two discussions and worked on my clinical log. I was needing to get those done so I can focus completely on my paper tomorrow since it’s due Sunday and I can’t ever get work done on the weekends!

I was interning all day, so I got home at 5:30. My mom had picked up Jackson already so I hung out with my cute boy for an hour and we put him to bed at 6:40. His voice is hoarse and he sounds so cute! It melts me!

I put our lunches together and then hopped on to the computer to type up my clinical log and then I started writing this. About to go to bed (it’s 8:30- I’m so lame!) because I am exhausted tonight!

I think Tonie and I are going to go to CrossFit together in the morning! I haven’t gone in forever! And then I’ll be doing my paper all day since it’s due on Sunday and it’s my last day to work without Jackson around (interning Thursday, working Friday, and nobody can do work on weekends with a baby around!).


2 thoughts on “Weekend/Week Recap

  1. I love all the pics of you guys at the Braves game and are so glad you got to go! It looks like it was so much fun. Glad you got to see Tonie and work out together too because I know she lives in another state and you don’t get to see her as much, so it’s fun to have sister time (well, I guess it’s fun, I’m an only child so wouldn’t know). Good luck with the paper and interning this week!


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