Fosslaug and Bruarfoss, Iceland

Two of my absolute favorite places in Iceland were Fosslaug (a hot pot) and Bruarfoss (a waterfall). They were definitely both less touristy and both were hard to find, but maybe that was why I liked them so much. I’ll continue with Iceland updates soon sporadically, since it takes a lot of time to find the info again of what we did!


The only information that Laura and I had to go on about Fosslaug was from this website. It didn’t take very long to get there off of Hwy 1, which is the Ring Rd, or the main road that goes around Iceland. It looked like a totally straight shot, actually! We entered the GPS coordinates and turned off of Hwy 1 down 752. Once we got down 752 where the grid coordinates were, we could see the steam, but there wasn’t a real parking area and there were no cars. We were pretty confused since we saw some people walking around out by the hotpot, but there was a cattle gate that said “No Driving.” A lot of the hot pots are on private property but the land owners allow people to enjoy the natural hot springs. We weren’t sure if we could just park by the gate, but we decided to give it a go. We ended up opening the gate and walking to the steam and realizing that there was an entire river between us and the hot pot! We couldn’t see anybody at that point, but we did see the hot pot itself and clothes were by the hot pot. We decided to go back to the car and look at our maps.

We realized we could cross the river by going north again on 752 and turning down 753. At the 753 intersection, there was a paintballing sign right there too. Once you cross over the river on 753, you take an immediate right and you have to park on somebody’s private farm, but other cars were there, thankfully. We also tried to walk in with the horses but realized we were in the wrong area. Finally we actually found a sign that said Fosslaug back by the parking area. Along the walk, you see Reykjafoss which was huge and beautiful! Most waterfalls there that we found that were that big had other people there, and we were the only ones enjoying it. It was so impressive and awesome.

We finally got to the hot pot and we were the only people there! It was a little creepy sitting in a natural hot spring, but it was also really awesome. The scenery was so pretty and it was so relaxing. It may not have been the most amazing view on the whole trip, but there is something about being in a hot pot without other tourists and just taking it all in. And Reykjafoss along the way was so impressive. Laura and I were so glad we stuck it out to make it there!

IMG_6546 copy
Our failure to make it to Fosslaug the first time.
IMG_6549 copy
Once you park on the farm, this is where you enter the gates.
IMG_6556 copy
IMG_6567 copy
Just beyond the stream here is is Reykjafoss.

IMG_6573 copy

IMG_6583 copy

IMG_6589 copy


Bruarfoss was one of the other adventures that Laura and I went on! We knew we wanted to go there on our Golden Circle adventure, but it was much harder than either of us imagined it could be.

If you put in “Bruarfoss” into Google, a location of it will come up so you can easily get to the general area. I believe we took Hwy 37 to Brekkuskógur. The road had all of these private signs on it and we weren’t sure we should be there. The road was also in terrible condition and looked like it was some sort of summer camp. We decided to stick it out and keep on driving in, despite all the random people looking at us. I believe there was a sign about walking, but the road got so bad that we thought we had to be in the wrong area and we turned around.

On our map, it looked like you could access Bruarfoss from the north side by taking the road Midhusaskógur and taking a left onto an unnamed road. Turns out, it was super hard to find back there. We actually stopped the only car that we saw on that road and asked the woman if she knew about it. She was clearly a local but had no clue what we were talking about. We kept driving and we ended up driving into a convent and having to open the gates to the convent to turn around. Oops.

We went back to the summer camp area where we started and decided to just drive back into the area where it had said something about walking. The road was still bad, but we did find an area to park where it seemed like it led to a walking trail. We could hear the water once we got out of the car too, so we figured it might be close.

It was super muddy to get out there since it never stops raining, but the walk itself was short.

One other person was there taking photographs with his tripod. But the waterfall was so awesome! It was so blue from the glacial water and it was so serene because again, we weren’t surrounded by tourists. We got there around 9pm, so I’m sure it’d be busier during the day, but it was a perfect time to go. (We went in May, so 24/7 daylight.) I absolutely loved this waterfall!

IMG_8595 copy

IMG_8554 copy

IMG_8562 copy

IMG_8568 copy

IMG_8592 copy

10 thoughts on “Fosslaug and Bruarfoss, Iceland

    1. Yes! Since Iceland is so touristy now, that didn’t happen much! We actually walked right by people leaving when we went in to Fosslaug, and then when we left, we walked right by other people coming in (we actually screamed across the river to explain to them how to get to Fosslaug- so it’s confusing for a lot of people, I guess). But we had a full hour there with nobody else! Even Bruarfoss had one other person! So Fosslaug seemed extra special to us!

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  1. Wow, now I really want to go to Iceland. Though I thinl I want to go in the winter to see the northern lights. You guys are brave! I’d be too scared of getting lost haha. Everything is so gorgeous!


    1. Yeah, the northern lights would be awesome there! Unfortunately, the days are so short in the winter that you’d miss a lot of this awesome stuff! But I know somebody who went and loved it there in the winter, but it was cloudy and they never saw the northern lights at all. There aren’t many roads that you can drive on there, so it’s actually not super easy to get lost. We got turned around a few times, but for the most part, it’s kind of a straight shot! And we had TONS of maps printed! But Iceland is amazing! I really need to get some more recaps done. My photos all turned out really well, even though I didn’t think they’d capture Iceland very well!


  2. OMG! It looks incredible!! Your photos look fab! I think we might only manage the Golden Circle as we will have such short days going in winter, which I’m pretty gutted about but I just don’t think we have enough time to do the whole country in 5 short days.


    1. Oh no, it was a lot! I’m going to hopefully work on our whole itinerary next (started a bit this morning), but we felt rushed with 11 days to do the country. I could have easily spent months there. It is so beautiful! But the Golden Circle will be good! And it shouldn’t take 5 days, either! If you guys can, try to make it to Jokulsarlon and out to the glaciers, at least! They’re close together and neither of them take a ton of time. We spent a few hours for both and we walked up to two different glaciers (I’ll have to see if I can figure out where we stopped). But those aren’t far from Reykjavic!

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