Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I had a decent LAST weekend in Charleston! (Insert major sad face here.) It’s kind of surreal that the last week is finally here. Ever since Jon accepted this job in Charleston back in November, we knew that we’d be doing a long distance marriage for nine months come the end of August. I was hoping to make it back to Charleston quite a bit during the school year, but with Europe approaching in October, I just don’t know exactly how that’ll work. I’m pretty content in Charleston and not really ready to go back to living with my parents and being back in Atlanta quite yet, but it’s time!


Friday was a productive day! Jackson went to his sitter’s so I spent a little time in the morning doing work for my health and wellness business and then got started on my schoolwork for the rest of the day.

I picked Jackson up earlier than usual (his sitter had plans) and we hung out for a bit at home. In the evening, I was itching to get out of the house after being stuck inside all day. I really wanted to head downtown to get Jeni’s ice cream, but since it was 5pm on a Friday, we just decided to go to Marble Slab. Jackson wasn’t too sold on the ice cream. We hit up TJ Maxx afterwards and then came home to get Jackson ready for bed.


I did a bunch of work on Friday night for the health and wellness biz. I literally spent like, two hours chatting with a possible future coach and clients. It’s so crazy to be doing work on a Friday night and loving it, but I really enjoy building these relationships with people. I wish I had more time to give this business my all right now.

After I finally quit doing work, Jon and I started watching Ozark on Friday night on Netflix. I wasn’t sold on the first episode because I was really wanting something light and mindless to watch.


Jon’s coworker passed after a battle with breast cancer last week, so Jon had a funeral to go to on Saturday in Savannah. I was seriously so tired on Saturday morning. I typically go to the gym with Jackson, but instead I laid on the couch and dozed in and out of sleep until 9:15 while Jackson ran around. I woke up and still wasn’t feeling fantastic (I think Jackson and I both caught some sort of cold or other virus this past week), so I put Moana on and Jackson watched the whole movie while I did work in the morning.


I finally got it together during nap time and showered and ate something substantial. I was living off of my superfoods shakes in the mornings over the last week because my appetite disappeared with whatever bug I caught, so lunch has been my first real meal of the day. When Jackson woke up from his nap, he was super fussy, as usual over the last week. I gave him some Tylenol and threw him in the bath to calm him down. Once his meds kicked in and we had a happy boy, we headed to Barnes & Noble to get out of the house. It would have been great to play outside, but it has been ungodly humid out lately!

Jon got home at five, so Jackson and I planned to get home at the same time. We had some family time and then Jon had errands to run after bedtime and I did some work. Then we binge watched Ozark (binge watching is two episodes for us). I decided I really like the show a lot and we were totally hooked.


Jackson let us sleep until 7:30 on Sunday! It was fabulous! Jon usually takes the morning shift on Sundays so I can have a slow morning in bed. I just get tired of rolling out of bed and washing a butt and doing breakfast every day. The mornings are always the same. I never stay in bed long, but it’s still nice to lay in my soft sheets and wake up slowly.

It was looking pretty overcast, but I really wanted to have one last beach weekend in Charleston. The beach is totally my happy place and Jackson always loves it too. We went out to Sullivan’s Island near the sandbar so we’d have calm waters for Jackson. He ran out and dug in the sand with his big yellow shovel, and then finally we got in the water and swam a bit. He’s been getting braver and has been wanting to swim. We walked out to the huge sandbar and it was pretty empty, so he ran around for awhile until Jon took him in the waves. He was loving the waves yesterday. He was actually super upset to get out of the water, but it was getting close to nap time. After a quick snack, we loaded up and left.




Jackson fell asleep within the first five minutes of being in the car. He never does that anymore! Jon and I showered during his nap and had lunch while watching another episode of Ozark.

Jackson woke up in his usual fussy mood (for the week, anyway). We gave him some Tylenol and let him relax with us. He kept refusing to eat and then finally threw up on the kitchen table (lovely). Once he calmed down and ate a banana, we headed out to Target for some bigger swim trunks for him.

We got home and decided to watch an episode of Ozark while Jackson was awake, which was a total mistake. We finally gave up and Jon went to fold laundry with Jackson while I cleaned up the kitchen and floors.

I had to babysit for my sitter for a few hours last night, so I headed over to her house to do that. I got some schoolwork and business stuff done. I got home at 11:30 and slept off and on most of the night.


And now it’s Monday! Today is Day 1 of my new challenge group. So I’m back to grain free eating and no more ice cream! I plan on hitting up the gym Monday-Thursday and then I’ll go back to my home workouts once I leave for Atlanta on Friday. Jackson is with his sitter on Tuesday and Wednesday this week so I can get work done, so I think we’ll spend Monday at the gym and Target. I would try to go to the Children’s Museum this afternoon, but three million people are supposed to be in town for the eclipse, so I bet we’ll just stay at home…

14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Those 9 months will fly back and you’ll be back in NC in no time. I wish we had warmer beaches up here, I would never leave.

    Question, when can start letting a baby to cry it out?


    1. We started early. A lot of stuff says at 6 months you can, but I looked for peer reviewed articles or even ANY old Google article that discussed WHY you should wait until 6 months. I couldn’t find anything specific at all. So, we let Jackson CIO at 4 months. He had been sleeping all night for about 6 or 8 weeks or something at the time and then started waking up again. After 2 weeks of him waking again and then increasing in frequency, we let him cry. It sucked! But he’s totally fine. We did it randomly up until 8 months when he’d regress and it was always way easier, but it’s SO effective! That was a LONG answer! Maybe more than you cared about, haha!


      1. No this was what I was looking for. My cousin’s baby is already throwing tantrums at 3 months. He wants to be picked up right away and wants you to move him into a new position every 1-2 mins, which he has been accustomed to it by his mother and other people. If he doesn’t get his way he gets pissed, goes all red from head to toe, shakes his little fists, and starts crying and won’t stop until he gets his way. My cousin wants to stop this behavior but she doesnt realize what she’s doing and you can’t tell her otherwise because she goes all red and starts crying and storms off, so he gets it from her lol. So I was wondering when is a good time to start letting them cry it out, not that I will tell her just to have my head bitten off.


        1. Yeah, we used to let Jackson cry in his crib for 15 minutes starting like, super early on when we put him to bed. Most of the time he went down fine, but we’d let him cry if he wasn’t going nuts. But we totally avoided holding him to sleep or coddling him. We worked super hard for him to be an independent sleeper!


          1. She has not sleep trained him at all. That baby can stay up for 12 hrs sometimes with little sleep in between. He is not an independent sleeper, he needs to be in your arms to fall asleep and if you put him in the crib there’s a 50% chance he will wake up right away, and if he keeps sleeping a 75% chance that he will wake up 10 mins later. I was trying to sleep train to get him used to falling asleep in the rocker swing thing, but now she uses his little swing as a placement to store his clothes on top. My other cousin puts her babies in her crib and closes the door and walks away. If they start throwing a tantrum because they don’t want to sleep, she’ll let them cry it out until they fall asleep.


          2. Yeah, I guess it’s all just parent preference. There are a TON of parents totally against letting babies cry. I’m not one of them. I just figure that if a parent wants to hold their baby to fall asleep and their personal time isn’t that important to them, then that’s up to them. I wanted Jackson to nap well on his own. I needed that time to get stuff done and for a break. But hey, if they thinks that’s what the right thing to do is, then that’s up to them! I only have time to worry about one kid, haha.


  2. I was all over town on Saturday and didn’t think traffic was bad. I wonder just how many people are actually coming here for the eclipse and if maybe the news is just blowing it up? It was rough yesterday though with the bridge being stuck open.

    I’m glad you made it to Sullivan’s and one last ice cream trip before going back to ATL! Come back to Charleston soon (and preferably between your challenge weeks) because I still need to try Jeni’s!


    1. Oh, I’d still eat ice cream even if I was doing a challenge, haha. I’m totally fine with enjoying dessert once or twice in 21 days! No reason to suffer.

      I thought traffic this morning would be bad too, but it wasn’t. I went to the gym and hit way less traffic, but I guess a lot of people are out of work today and school is out too. I think the news must have hyped it up! That, or everybody is waiting until exactly 1pm to get here to see the eclipse start!


  3. Hi lady! Oh man, long distance sounds tough! But I guess you do the best you can to make it work while it’s necessary. As far as your coaching business, good luck to you, lady! LOVE that you are so passionate about it — which means it won’t ever feel like work. And also, YAY for all the ice cream. Even though the summer temps are winding down near me, my ice cream obsession is still going strong! Hope you have a great Monday!! 🙂


    1. We were long distance before we were married and then for two months after having our son, so I’m sure we can manage, but it’ll be way harder with a kid! Oh well- only 9 months! I keep telling myself that! Yes, I love doing this work! I never want to go to sleep because I love chatting with people so much about it! Haha. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. It didn’t feel like it though! I’m so confused about whether or not there were actually three million people here! School was cancelled for the day so we didn’t have to deal with that traffic and I did stay home for the most part, but it seemed like nobody even came in town!


  4. Aww glad you had a fun last weekend in Charleston, I hope the 9 months go quick for you!! Jackson is so cute! You sound so passionate about the health and well being biz, are you doing another challenge now?


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