Short Stop in Richmond, VA

On to the last portion of my trip recap! As I mentioned before, Gina and I started our road trip with a 24 hour stop in Philly, followed by four days of camping in Vermont. We headed out from Vermont on Monday morning and spent our day in the car! We listened to 90s music and rap songs from high school, so that was a fun throwback! But the days in the car seemed to drag on. I love road trips, but in my old age, I just hurt after sitting in the car for so long.

Gina and I arrived to our AirBnB in Richmond at around 5pm. Our AirBnb was not in the nicest area of Richmond, but the house itself was so cute. We didn’t see our hosts really, but we were in and out so it was totally fine. Gina’s sister-in-law had just been to Richmond and recommend Lunch or Supper for dinner. It was so good! I honestly don’t remember exactly what I had and my picture turned out terrible of my meal, but it was delicious. And everything on the menu looked just as delicious! It was hard to decide what to order!

IMG_8019 copy

After our dinner, we headed out to do the Riverfront Canal Walk. We somehow got turned around and ended up in some totally random area, but we got back on track pretty quickly. I loved the Riverfront Canal Walk! It was really scenic! I was surprised with how busy it was. Clearly it’s a big thing to do in Richmond. Aside from there being a super recent KKK rally there, I could totally move to a city like Richmond. We drove around the Fan district and downtown before calling it a night.

IMG_9760 copy

IMG_9766 copy

We headed out of Richmond around seven the next morning and drove the few hours back to Charleston! And that was the end of our road trip, sadly!

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