The Last Year of Grad School

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! This week is flying by. Yesterday I started back to school! Ahhh! I’m already kind of stressed out looking at all of the assignments for the semester. I just have a hard time picturing a schedule that incorporates work, school, Jackson, fitness coaching, working out, and a long distance marriage that doesn’t run me ragged. And I’m even considering applying to a management position where I work, but I don’t know if I can even fathom that right now. I feel like I’m way under qualified anyway, so maybe I should apply just to feel like I tried.

When I checked my school email yesterday, I had an email from our program coordinator reminding us to apply for graduation! The deadline is October 1st. I can’t believe it’s time to apply for graduation! I know this year is going to be tough, but in nine months, I will be done with this chapter of life. I’m really proud of myself for pursuing this master’s degree. No idea where it’ll lead me, but I’m okay with that right now.

I spent yesterday morning running errands, as always. I returned my horrible adjustable weights to Wal-Mart and opted for two 10lb weights, two 15lb weights, and one 25lb weight. I have 5lbs and I think I may invest in 8lb weights also. Now I have a nice little workout area in my garage!


I’m kind of bummed that this space is temporary. Since I’ll be moving back in with my parents in a few weeks, I’ll be doing my workouts in one of the bedrooms there. Or I could take them to the deck once it cools off a little bit. But I like this little area. It has been so nice getting my workouts in at home and not having to go to the gym. I still love the gym, but when I’m in a hurry, this has been huge. I’ll discuss this more in my 21 day recap that’s coming up soon.


Jon and I decided to cancel the surgery to get tubes for Jackson’s ears. Well, Jon decided to. I’m just kind of going with it. He hasn’t had an ear infection in the last few weeks and typically, he’s not too miserable with the ear infections anyway. If Jon doesn’t want to do a surgery, then I’m okay with it.

But speaking of my little terror, life is rough with him lately. We’re in a huge hitting phase and it is driving me insane. He also is throwing tantrums when I pick him up and flails his body around. The kid is a big boy! He can be hard to handle. I’m feeling like I need to read some parenting books on how to handle these outbursts in a way that he’ll understand at this age. I definitely feel myself getting impatient and frustrated much more easily than I’d like at times. If we have a slow day at home, I can handle anything. I don’t get frustrated at all. But when we’re in a hurry or I’m trying to do stuff, he really gets on my nerves.

Last night, my neighbor (Ashley) was having a gender reveal party. I picked Jackson up from his sitter and got dinner together before we headed over there around 5:30. We ended up staying until close to 7pm. It was fun! I’m feeling sad about leaving Charleston! I know I haven’t met a ton of people here yet, but I have met a few people and I’m just content with where we are right now. I want to stay and pursue friendships with the people that I’ve met and build up more of a network.

Anyway, I should be hopping off of here. I’m trying to get some schoolwork done and I have a feeling Jackson will be up soon. I plan on making some Paleo pumpkin muffins this afternoon. Jon should be home around 4:30 and I’m excited to see him. I was in Atlanta all weekend and then Jon stayed in Savannah last night, so I haven’t spend any time with him lately. My sister-in-law and her family will be here tomorrow night.

9 thoughts on “The Last Year of Grad School

  1. I’m really sad you’re leaving and it took us so long to go to lunch together! I have no clue how you’re going to juggle everything but you’ve always done it before (I personally don’t know how people juggle jobs and school and get any sleep). It will all be worth it when you finish school, though! I like your workout area and agree that’s really nice when you don’t want to go to the gym. Sometimes it takes so long to drive to the gym, I feel like I spent more time driving there than I did working out…


    1. I’ll still be around! And I’ll be back in May, most likely! I’ve eaten that salad from Ladles two more times this week, haha. I don’t know how I get sleep either, but I do! I guess because I prioritize my sleep like a grandma and then just stress out constantly while I’m awake!


  2. I love your little workout area, I’d LOVE to workout at home but I’m not motivated enough! I did Insanity once and I loved it but now I’m so used to having a gym buddy and and actual trainer to shout at me!

    I have no idea how you juggle baby, work, school and husband never mind your new venture!!!!

    You should apply for the job what have you got to lose by applying!


    1. I actually didn’t think I’d be motivated enough to work out at home either. I haaaaate working out at home and any time I’ve tried in the past, I always quit. But honestly, after doing it a few times and moving my workouts to the garage and not my living room, it has been WAY better. And some of these workouts kick my ass. Plus, it’s part of my job now 🙂 So that motivates me too.

      I’m still thinking about applying! I’m just nervous! And also, if for some crazy reason I DID get it, then I’d actually have to decide what to do. If I don’t apply, then I know I’ll be back in Charleston in May and life will go on as we thought!

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      1. Ahh yeah I forgot about Charleston-Atlanta situation!! 🤔

        I’m so excited to hear more about your new venture, I’d love to be a fitness coach but there are so many people doing it around my area right now that I don’t think I’d have any clients lol!


        1. Well, if you ever want, you know where to find me. Our company is about to open up coaching in the UK on October 1st. I was a little hesitant at first, but my coach makes $8,300 a WEEK, so I decided to go for it. Even if I make 1/3 of that, it’s a TON of money. Unfortunately, with school, I think it’ll take a bit of a backseat, but I plan to jump back into it actively on breaks from school and once I’m done. I’m just building up right now with bigger plans for the future!

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  3. It’ll be hectic but you’re almost done with school and that’s huge! No more papers and exams!

    Yeah, I think it’s a good idea to get a handle on his tantrums while he’s still young lol. Kids can be so tough to handle but at least when you’re old, you’ll have someone to take care of you!

    Once you graduate, are you guys moving back to Georgia?


    1. I’m going back to Georgia with Jackson for the next year, and then we plan to head back to Charleston to be with Jon. His job out here is permanent, so unless he applies for a transfer (and there are no positions open in Atlanta), we’ll be in Charleston. I feel like we’re just at a tough age still because Jackson doesn’t understand anything complex yet, but he’s in a tantrum phase! UGH!


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